The Shattered Realms ~ Cover Reveal Day 5 ~ To Break a Silence

 Today is the cover reveal for the fifth book in 

The Shattered Realms series.

~*~ To Break a Silence ~*~

Book Description: 

A Little Mermaid Retelling 
A siren's song holds power over skies and men. 
Stella has never seen the sky until the day she speaks her oaths and is brought above the surface. After her first encounter with a land-walker's ship forces her to sing up a storm that pulls a prince into the water, she chooses to rescue him. 

When Stella's blossoming affection for the prince is threatened by another, she makes a choice to trade her fins for legs. The price: phantom glass in her throat if she dares to use her voice and in her feet when she walks. 
Captain Dillon Carvy is determined to have his revenge after a siren’s song costs him both his ship and his favored position as the Prince's captain. While searching for signs of the siren, Dillon discovers a struggling maiden instead. Pulling a silent girl from the sea, he sees the perfect opportunity to gain his position back. 
A case of mistaken identity puts Stella right where she wants to be in the Prince's palace. But unless she breaks her silence, continuing her charade may cost her the happiness she hopes for, and quite possibly her life.

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Now to the Cover Reveal
Which, I might add, is so beautiful!

Lydia Mae
has been writing about adventures, new worlds, and princesses since she could put words to paper. Enthusiastic about travel, the time she's spent in Europe has helped inspire her fantasy settings. When she isn’t writing, Lydia enjoys serving in her church, playing piano, singing, long walks, musical theater, making friends, and quality time with her husband (her very own prince charming) and two precious children.                                                             Find her online at:  Instagram || Amazon 
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Along a Breton Shore ~ Review

Along a Breton Shore
By Arlem Hawks

Armelle Bernard decides she has had enough and will harass the priest who turned in her father for sheltering a family of refugees fleeing the revolutionaries. The punishment for his act of mercy was death. Ignoring the warnings of those closest to her, Armelle puts her life in danger with her act of defiance. In a moment, she's faced with the same punishment as her father.

Maxence Étienne wants to be the best soldier for the République that he can. Believing that bringing liberty to France by throwing off the rule of the monarchy is what is needed, he left everything behind. What Maxence didn't expect was being ordered to execute a young woman for harassing the local priest. Faced with a moral decision, Maxence does what he feels is right and is charged with being a traitor.

To survive, Armelle and Maxence must flee the République army. But any who aid them are endangering themselves.  Armelle's assertive, mischievous, and positive nature is opposite to Maxence's solemn, quiet, and rather grumpy one. Could two such different personalities support one another long enough to get to safety?

Set in the midst of the French Revolution, Along a Breton Shore brings the uncertainty and fear to life for the reader to experience. Everything of the past was being thrown out in favor of the new. Reminders of the way things were before are outlawed, even the months of the calendar have been renamed. Liberty comes with a steep price, and those who have opposing views or even questions take their lives and that of their family into danger. 

I have read books about the French Revolution before, and I will admit I've often gotten bogged down in the battles and violence. This book didn't do that to me. I found this book to be engaging and entertaining while providing adequate information about the political landscape to set the stage but not take over it. I was drawn to both Armelle and Maxence, who seem so opposite to one another and yet, in some ways, not so much. One can't help but read this book from cover to cover, not wanting to put it down. I feel this is one of the best books I've read in which this time and place are a major force in the story, almost another character with its influence on the lives of those there. I would highly recommend this book by Arlem Hawks.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

I was appreciative of the character list at the beginning of the book, along with a definition/glossary of pronunciations and common French terms. 


A soldier and a young woman, on opposite sides of the revolution, must run for their lives across a war-torn France in this gripping novel of friendship, love, and survival.

France, 1794

Maxence Étienne, a soldier for the République, believes fiercely in the revolution that is bringing liberty to France. But even though the monarchy has fallen and Maxence is part of a great cause, he is still searching for a place to belong.

Armelle Bernard is a young woman from Breton whose father was sentenced to death for hiding counterrevolutionaries. She decides to confront the priest who betrayed her father, and as the conflict escalates, she herself is ordered to be executed—an order to be carried out by Maxence.

Maxence has seen his share of violence and bloodshed, but he also carries a tragic secret and can’t bring himself to carry out his assignment. In allowing Armelle to escape, he is forced to combat a fellow soldier, who dies in the struggle.

Though Armelle and Maxence are strangers and on opposite sides of the revolution, they find themselves united as fugitives of the new republic. Now they must find a way to trust each other as they search for a path to peace, and to freedom.

ISBN: 9781639931071
Retail Price: $26.99
Page Count: 368

About the Author:

began making up stories before she could write. Living all over the western United States and traveling around the world gave her a love of cultures and people and the stories they have to tell. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications, with an emphasis in print journalism, and he lives in Utah with her husband and four children.

Other Books by Arlem Hawks:

Georgana’s Secret
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The Shattered Realms ~ Cover Reveal Day 4 ~ To Defy a Dream

 Today is the cover reveal for the fourth book in 

The Shattered Realms series.

~*~ To Defy a Dream ~*~

Book Description: 

What if Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on purpose? 
Princess Aurelia’s kingdom is plagued by the Eternal Slumber, a disease progressively ensnaring the minds of her subjects. After Aurelia wishes for the means to revive her brother, her sinister fairy godmother presents an ominous solution: Aurelia must stab herself with a poisoned spindle. 
Accepting this fate plunges Aurelia into a nightmare where victims of the Eternal Slumber are being held hostage by a dark djinni. However, Aurelia’s brother isn’t the only familiar face she finds herself reunited with; Everett, the love of her life who mysteriously disappeared years ago, is there as well. As the djinni’s power grows, Aurelia must decide who to save before the djinni escapes and enters the waking world. 
Failing on her quest could trap her in the dream world forever. Will she forgo her chance at a happily ever after and protect her brother, or will she choose to rescue herself and the man she loves? 
No matter who she chooses, someone will be doomed to remain in the nightmare that never ends. 
To Defy a Dream is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. It is one of twelve novellas in The Shattered Tales, a collection of twelve fractured retellings of your favorite fairy tales. They can be enjoyed in any order, so fall in love with the swoony sweet romance, magical adventures, and tale-shattering twists one happily-ever-after at a time! 


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Now to the Cover Reveal
Which, I might add, intrigues me.

Mary Mecham writes clean young adult fairy tale retellings packed full of adventure and


Get a FREE e-copy of her Rumpelstiltskin retelling, A Curse of Gold and Beauty, when you sign up for her newsletter at MaryMecham.com  

Mary is a born and raised Texan with a love of theater and books overshadowed only by her passion for disability advocacy. After she was cast in a theatrical production of Cinderella as the Ugly Stepsister, Mary decided to give a voice and background to her character and created her first novel Ugly: The Stepsister's Story 

When she is not writing, Mary is an active disability advocate and speaker and holds multiple leadership positions in various disability rights-related organizations, including running her own non-profit and coordinating Disability Book Week each year. Her dream is for everyone with a disability to find themselves represented in literature.


Mary lives in Texas (and will never leave!) with her husband and three children.  

Find her online at: Website || Goodreads || Facebook || Newsletter || Instagram || TikTok || Amazon

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The Shattered Realms ~ Cover Reveal Day 3 ~ To Escape a Wonderland

 Today is the cover reveal for the third book in 

The Shattered Realms series.

~*~ To Escape a Wonderland ~*~

Book Description: 
What if Alice was trapped in Wonderland? 

Alice once fell in love with the wrong man and paid a devastating price. Now she hides a dark secret and will stop at nothing to discover what happened to the sister she left behind. Bayne, a former knight, only wants a fresh start after his service almost cost him his life—and his mind. He certainly isn’t expecting a run-in with a thieving maidservant from his prior kingdom to change everything. 

When the two are captured by outlaws and forced to partake in a traitorous plot, they end up lost in a perilous enchanted land with no way out. They must learn to trust each other—and themselves—if they hope to be freed from a twisted world where nothing is what it seems. 

But the clock is ticking and some riddles have no answer. Can they escape before it’s too late, or will they be trapped in a land of madness forever? 

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Now to the Cover Reveal
Which is, I might add, gorgeous!

Cece Louise writes clean novels filled with adventure, romance, and spirit for

teens and adults.

Get a FREE ebook of Saving Vengeance at CeceLouise.com!

Cece is an avid reader who has been making up stories in her head as long as she can remember. Despite all that daydreaming, she graduated summa cum laude with a BBA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 2012. 

When she's not working on her latest story, Cece spends her time having adventures with her husband and two kids, hiking and biking in her home state of WI, and, unfortunately, cleaning her house (which she is convinced is secretly inhabited by mischievous, mess-multiplying pixies). 

Find her online at: 
    Website || Facebook || Instagram || Newsletter || Amazon || Goodreads 

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