The Color of Sky and Stone ~ Review

The Color of Sky and Stone JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for 
The Color of Sky and Stone by Sara Davison, 

The Color of Sky and Stone
The Color of Sky and Stone
In the Shadows #1
By Sara Davison

Tane Temauri has lost his partner when an op goes bad, and now he is on his own until the dust settles and he can finish what he needs to get done. But the man responsible for his friend's death is determined to bring Tane in. He has plans for him, and they aren't good.

But a letter from Lia changes everything.

Lia Swanson's chance meeting leads to her writing a quickly scrawled note. A note that goes to the wrong man. But the man most in need of a connection with anyone. Proof that there are no accidents in life and that there is purpose behind everything whether it be good or bad.

Both Lia and Take are in need of something genuine and the very nature of how they "meet" provides a moment of normalcy, a chance to see and be seen beyond the outer mask. But such exposes them both to danger, danger that could cost them their very lives. 

This is the first book of the In the Shadows series, which is aptly is aptly named as both Tane and Lia live in the shadows. Both struggle with the confines life has placed on them and it is interesting to see how they deal with it.

This is a read for those who want Romantic Suspense. And it does keep the suspense going throughout. This one won't keep you up into the wee hours of the night reading unless you get caught in the just-one-more-chaper trap.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I give my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book

Title: The Color of Sky and Stone
In the Shadows #1
Sara Davison
Independently Published (through The Mosaic Collection)
Release Date:
November 22, 2023
Romantic Suspense (Christian)

She is the only one who truly sees him.
Which makes her his greatest threat.

Black ops undercover agent Tane Temauri—code name Vapor—has made it his life’s mission to stay out of sight. Given the dangers inherent in his job, the last thing he can afford is to step into the open and become a target. Again. 

Then a letter from a mysterious stranger changes everything. Although the letter was not meant for him, somehow, on a greater, cosmic scale, it feels as though it is. 

But answering it will make Tane vulnerable. 

Can he emerge from the shadows and risk everything for a woman he has never met? 

 If he does, more than his heart could be on the line. 

So could his life. 

And hers.

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Sara Davison

About the Author

Sara Davison has a passion for writing stories that keep readers on the edge of their seats—and maybe swooning a little. Beyond that, she longs for readers to discover, as her characters do, that whatever they are going through they are never alone. God is always with them. A finalist for more than a dozen national writing awards, Davison is a Cascade, Word, and two-time Carol Award winner for romantic suspense. Like every good Canadian, she loves coffee, hockey, poutine, and apologizing for no particular reason.

Connect with Sara by visiting saradavison.org to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

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From An Unknown Sender ~ Review

From an Unknown Sender JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for From an Unknown Sender 
by Traci Hunter Abramson and Sian Ann Bessey, 

From an Unknown Sender
From an Unknown Sender
Falcon Point Suspense #2
By Traci Hunter Abramson 
    and Sian Ann Bessey

CIA operative Cole Bridger is tracking down smugglers when fellow operative Isabelle Roberts, who also happens to be his girlfriend, diverts a package from its original destination. The only problem is that doing so puts Cole's cousin Tess in danger. 

Soon Tess's brother Lars and his girlfriend Merit are once again pulled into the clandestine and dangerous world that is Cole's life. As they try to determine exactly who or what is behind everything they find themselves getting even deeper into an international mess that could see them dead.

From an Unknown Sender brings the reader once again into the lives of the heirs of Falcon Point. But if you are unfamiliar with the previous books in this multi-author series no worries as this book can be read on its own. 

I love the interactions between Cole and Lars as they navigate their newly discovered familial link while having to deal with Cole's CIA ties and the obvious limits it puts on everything. This is a clean read that offers suspense and danger as both men deal with romance and the risks involved not only to their hearts but to the ones who hold them. I highly recommend this book and the series. I love the family aspects of this series which I believe is its greatest strength.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.


About the Book

Title: From an Unknown Sender
Falcon Point Suspense #2
Traci Hunter Abramson & Sian Ann Bessey
Covenant Communications
Release Date:
November 21, 2023
Clean Suspense

After spending a busy holiday season putting drug smugglers behind bars, CIA operative Cole Bridger is looking forward to spending a quiet Christmas in Vienna with his girlfriend and fellow operative, Isabelle Roberts. But when Isabelle is tasked with investigating a string of suspect financial transactions and redirects a suspicious package to a museum in Amsterdam, she inadvertently places Cole’s cousins in the crosshairs of a drug smuggling ring. 

Lars and Marit have no desire to be drawn into the deadly dealings of the criminal underworld, but when Lars’s sister, Tess’s, life is placed in danger, they willingly join Cole and Isabelle in their efforts to uncover the mastermind behind the drug smuggling ring. Unfortunately, the two couples’ involvement does not go unnoticed. And though each step brings them closer to the truth, they also reveal a startling picture of greed and corruption at the center of a dangerous organization that will stop at nothing to retrieve what it has lost.

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More Books in This Series

  The Danger with Diamonds

About the Authors

Traci Hunter Abramson  Sian Ann Bessy

Traci Hunter Abramson was born in Arizona, where she lived until moving to Venezuela for a study abroad program. After graduating from Brigham Young University, she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, eventually resigning in order to raise her family. She credits the CIA with giving her a wealth of ideas as well as the skills needed to survive her children’s teenage years. She loves to travel and recently retired after twenty-six years coaching her local high school swim team. She has written forty-five best-selling novels and is an eight-time Whitney Award winner, including 2017 and 2019 Best Novel of the Year.

Connect with Traci by visiting traciabramson.com to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

Sian Ann Bessey was born in Cambridge, England, and grew up on the island of Anglesey off the coast of North Wales. She left her homeland to attend university in the US, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications, with a minor in English. She began her writing career as a student, publishing several articles in magazines while still in college. Since then, she has published historical romance and romantic suspense novels, along with a variety of children’s books. She is a USA Today best-selling author, a Foreword Reviews Book of the Year finalist, and a Whitney Award finalist.

Sian and her husband, Kent, are the parents of five children and the grandparents of three beautiful girls and two handsome boys. They currently live in southeast Idaho, and although Sian doesn’t have the opportunity to speak Welsh very often anymore, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch still rolls off her tongue. Traveling, reading, cooking, and being with her grandchildren are some of Sian’s favorite activities. She also loves hearing from her readers. 

Connect with Sian by visiting sianannbessey.com to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

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Of Sea and Smoke ~ Review

Of Sea and Smoke
The Fireborn Epic #2
By Gillian Bronte Adams

This is a fantastic read it follows within hours of the conclusion of book one Of Fire and Ash. And trust me when I say you have to read the series in order! There are so many stories and characters that have come together in this book that if you haven't read the first one, you will be utterly lost, much like Ceridwen finds herself in this book.

This story is from the viewpoints of several characters, all of whom seem destined to play a vital role in the war that has crossed the sea and engulfed more than one nation in the violent quest for power. Ceridwen is The Fireborn and the obvious heir to the throne but for the shame and debt she owes for her brother's death. Then there is Rafi who has been running for so long he doesn't have a place he truly can call home. At least not since the murder of his brother. And then there are his secrets and the lies he lives to hide them. But the one character who seems most shrouded is Jakim. Jakim who is far from his home. Born free, enslaved, freed, and enslaved yet again. He desires nothing more than to return home, yet he feels he has been called to this foreign land at this time for a reason.

From where Of Fire and Ash concluded one felt one had an idea where the story would go to next. Well, it did but then everything went all topsy-turvey and everything got shuffled around. If this hadn't happened so early in the book one would be in despair as to how the book would conclude. Well, it did happen early on, and greater depths were found in our main characters as they struggled to get back what was lost.

This book doesn't lack for anything. All of the characters have depth even those who may only be in it for one or two scenes. The settings are as vast as those seen between hemispheres and continents. There can be richness or starkness and each fits perfectly into place - a tribute to the author's years of work and research that had to go into this book.

I highly recommend this book either as a book in hand or an audio edition (I have both on preorder).

I was provided a complimentary advanced digital copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
He rides a seablood, 
a steed of salt and spray, 
born to challenge the tides.

Six years ago, the wrong brother survived, and nothing will ever convince Rafi Tetrani otherwise. But he is done running from his past, and from the truth. As civil war threatens Ceridwen’s tenuous rule in Soldonia, Rafi vows to fight the usurper sitting on the imperial throne of Nadaar, even if it means shouldering his brother’s responsibilities as the empire’s lost heir.

The stolen shipload of magical warhorses offers just the edge he needs. But the steeds have been demanded in ransom by the emperor’s ruthless assassin, and if Rafi hopes to raise a band of riders, he must first outwit his brother’s murderer.

Yet when his best efforts end in disaster, and an audacious raid sparks an empire-wide manhunt, even forging an unexpected alliance might not be enough to help Rafi turn the tides, let alone outrace the wave of destruction intent on sweeping them all away.

Seas boil and jungles burn in this tempestuous second installment of The Fireborn Epic as the outcast queen, captive missionary, and royal rebel strive to unearth the mysterious power that hungers for their world.


To Spark a Match ~ Review

To Spark a Match
The Matchmakers 
By Jen Turano

Miss Adelaide Duvee is a social disaster waiting to happen at almost every engagement she takes part in. And after five seasons of such incidents, she's doomed to not only spinsterhood but banishment from society. It's not her fault she had wardrobe malfunction, who knew bustles could be so dangerous. And swans, let's just not go there. And her unmentionables, well let's just say they set societies' tongues a wagging.

After Adelaide literally stumbles into Gideon Abbott's investigation, he feels a need to help her out. After all her distraction helped him to be unnoticed while putting her on the edge Society was threatening to shove her over. It's an obligation, it has nothing whatso ever to do with that little spark he felt while she figured out basically everything he was doing in mere minutes, nor that she had noticed him. Nope not at all.

This was a fun read. And it had lines that quite literally made me laugh out loud. I love the undercurrent of mystery and danger that grows as the story progresses. I love how Adelaide is walking mess and not some perfect Society piece with men falling at her feet. Well, they are falling but not from admiration exactly, more like from fear and self-preservation, at least before Gideon gets involved.

This is a Historical Rom-Com that will leave you with a feel-good mindset. This is the second book of The Matchmakers series but it easily can be read as a standalone title. Make room on your TBR List for this clean read. Or add it to your Wish List as it would a perfect gift to give or receive. So stake out your favorite reading corner and make plans for you and the book.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations, but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.                                                          


 Title: To Spark a Match
 Series: The Matchmakers (Book 2)
 Author: Jen Turano
 Genre: Historical Romance, Gilded Age Fiction, Inspirational Fiction
 Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (November 14, 2023)
 Length: (368) pages
 Format: Trade Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook
 ISBN: 978-0764240218‎
 Tour Dates: November 13 – 21, 2023


After five unsuccessful Seasons on the marriage mart, Miss Adelaide Duveen has
resigned herself to the notion that she's destined to remain a spinster forever--a rather
dismal prospect, but one that will allow her to concentrate on her darling cats and
books. However, when she inadvertently stumbles upon Mr. Gideon Abbott engaged in
a clandestine activity during a dinner party, Adelaide finds herself thrust into a world of
intrigue that resembles the plots in the spy novels she devours.

Former intelligence agent Gideon Abbott feels responsible for Adelaide after society
threatens to banish her because of the distraction she caused to save his investigation.
Hoping to return the favor, he turns to a good friend--and one of high society's leaders--
to take Adelaide in hand and turn her fashionable. When danger surrounds them and
Adelaide finds herself a target of the criminals in Gideon's case, the spark of love
between them threatens to be quenched for good--along with their lives.


 “Turano charms with her offbeat characters, and she has a knack for funny, flirty
dialogue…fans will find this irresistible.”— Publisher’s Weekly

 “Turano delivers a rousing second installment in her the Matchmakers historical
inspirational romance series set in New York's Gilded Age. This is a delightful
novel about individuality and unexpected love that balances humorous hijinks
and the intrigue of criminal activity within the rare book world. It shimmers with
spunk and stars a most admirable leading lady whose unapologetic acceptance
of herself is what refreshingly captivates her hero's heart."— Booklist

 “This book is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, hilarious encounters, slow
burn romance, bookish characters, cats and a dash of mystery! I highly
recommend it, friends!”— Tasha, Clean Read Book Club





Named one of the funniest voices in inspirational romance by Booklist, Jen Turano is a USA Today bestselling author known for penning quirky historical romances set in the Gilded Age. Her books have earned Publishers Weekly and Booklist starred reviews,
top picks from RT Book Reviews, and praise from Library Journal. She's been a finalist twice for the RT Reviewers' Choice Awards and had two of her books listed in the top 100 romances of the past decade from Booklist. She and her family live outside of
Denver, Colorado.



It's Your Love ~ Review

It's Your Love JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for 
It's Your Love by Rachel D. Russell, 

It's Your Love

It's Your Love
Fox Family #2
By Rachel D. Russell

Sometimes things just seem to go wrong, and for Greyson Fox that seems to be the pattern his life is currently stuck in. So getting a call to help out at the camp that changed his life seems like an answer to something. Returning to Deep Haven was never on his to-do list, but it is a step towards fulfilling his dream.  What he never expected was seeing seeing Beth Strauss again.

She was the girl in high school who he left behind (though at the time he didn't know it- teenager and all that). Well lets just say their first meeting had a bookish tone to it. And then to top off everything she is about to be his boss for summer! Let's just say starting his youth ranch in Oregon is about to lose some of it's appeal.

Second chances at getting it right in Deep Haven are never easy. Nor is the path to finding love. And believe me there is more than one obstacle in the path of love and starting over.

This is a fun return to Deep Haven and the Fox family. But this time brother Greyson gets his chance. I love how the grandkids are slowly being drawn back home in this series. Maybe the saying you can't return home doesn't apply to Deep Haven, MN, because they seem more than willing to welcome back those who have left it behind. This is a sweet contemporary romance that will leave you in a happy place. So crack open the cover and settle down for another (or a first time visit) to a place you wouldn't mind calling home.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book

Title: It's Your Love
Fox Family #2
Rachel D. Russell
Sunrise Publishing
Release Date:
November 7, 2023
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

When Grayson Fox is asked to return home to Deep Haven and run the wrangler activities for the local camp, the last thing he expects is to run into the one woman he never wanted to see again. Worse…she’s his boss. But Grayson has big hopes for a life back in Oregon, and he must keep the promise to the camp in order to keep his dreams alive.

Just because Beth Strauss has stuck around Deep Haven doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a bigger life. And becoming the camp assistant director is the first step to that bigger life. Of course, standing in her way happens to be the one man who has always managed to derail her dreams, way too arrogant Grayson Fox. 

But if they want to keep the camp afloat and their dreams alive, these two must learn to work together. But will these enemies become sweethearts, and if they do, will they find something better than the dreams they’re striving for?  

The next delightful installment of the Fox Family series!

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More Books in This Series

  The Way You Love Me

Rachel D. Russell

About the Author

Rachel D. Russell is a member of Oregon Christian Writers, My Book Therapy’s Novel Academy, and is a regular contributor to the Learn How to Write a Novel blog. When Rachel’s not cheering on one of her two teens at sporting events, she’s often interrogating her husband on his own military and law enforcement experience to craft believable heroes in uniform. The rest of her time is spent cantering her horse down the Oregon trails and redirecting her three keyboard-hogging cats.

Connect with Rachel by visiting racheldrussell.com to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

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The Tiny Cyborg ~ Release Day

 Happy release day to The Tiny Cyborg!

  Today Jill Williamson_author and her son Luke celebrate the release of the third and final book in the RoboTales series! This is a science fiction chapter book series for readers 9 - 12, though the series has some older fans, as well. These are fairytale retellings combined with a helpful robot dog. Can you guess from the title which story The Tiny Cyborg is inspired by?

Here is the back cover description: 

▪  ▪  ▪  ▪ 

Darius is the youngest son of President Cassian. When his father goes missing on a planet with super-strong gravity, Darius is determined to rescue him. He makes a dangerous deal with scientist Dr. Fleed to become a cyborg in order to protect his body on the planet's surface. With the help of a robot dog, Darius sets out on his quest. Will he find his father in time? Or will Dr. Fleed take over the solar system and make cyborgs of them all?

▪  ▪  ▪  ▪  

The Tiny Cyborg is available on Jill's Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.com. Learn more at https://jillwilliamson.com/series/robotales.

To Heal a Broken Heart ~ Review

To Heal a Broken Heart
A Beauty and the Beast Retelling
The Shattered Tales
By Aveline Brooke

Anelise never expected to have her heart shattered by the man she had known for years. Nor did she expect to be forced into a marriage she didn't want. But she is looking at a future without love unless she can find someone who will make her a love potion.

But can she trick herself into a false happily-ever-after? But it looks like her only hope lies with the man who broke her heart. 

Lucien has been cursed since he broke the heart of the only woman he ever loved by a single act of betrayal. When he is given a chance to aid her, he does all he can at the cost of his own heart.       

This is truly a unique twist on Beauty and the Beast. There is a beast and what beast he is! But the question is what makes a man a beast? 

This is an interesting addition to the retellings of Beauty and the Beast and intriguing part of the Shattered Tales Collection. This is a book that can and should be judged by it's cover, you won't be disappointed. The characters and setting are engaging. This was an up-all-night kind of book in my opinion, and I was up all night reading it. I just had to know would Anelise find her heart's desire or would she settle for the lie?

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

Book Description:
Love is not a fairytale.

Anelise is a romantic young lady who wants nothing more than a loving, faithful marriage, and she knows she has found her prince. Or, rather, her wizard. Her childhood friend Lucien is young, handsome, and shows promise as he trains to become the next Royal Enchanter. But when he breaks her heart in a shocking betrayal, Anelise’s entire perception of love — and the trustworthiness of men — is utterly shattered.

Months later, when Anelise is blackmailed into an engagement to a man who cares for monogamy as little as the dust on his boot, at first, she falls into despair. But then she realizes the one thing that can save her heart: a love potion.

To her surprise, all the nearby wizards refuse to make it, and Anelise is reduced to seeking help from the very man who hurt her the most.

But when she knocks on Lucien’s tower door, the masked wizard who answers it seems quite different from the boy she knew before.

Lucien is shocked to see Anelise at his door. Although it is the last thing he wants to do, Lucien knows that creating this love potion for her is the only chance he has at proving that he has changed… Until he realizes the disastrous reality that awaits her if she drinks it.

To Heal a Broken Heart is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It is one of twelve novellas in The Shattered Tales, a collection of twelve fractured retellings of your favorite fairy tales. They can be enjoyed in any order, so fall in love with the swoony sweet romance, magical adventures, and tale-shattering twists one happily-ever-after at a time!

Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0C42JYR1Z

Related Series Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C46HX3PG

About the Author
Aveline Brooke discovered a great love for reading and writing fantasy from a young age, and it has been a constant source of joy since. Although she graduated with an Associate’s degree in digital design, she realized that her heart was in storytelling. She is always working and learning to become a more skilled writer.

Aveline is a proud Catholic who lives with her husband, son, and two cats in the American South. She values family, cultivating beauty in our daily lives, and good food. She is excited to share the journey as she gets closer to the official debut of her first novel, The Crown Prince Wretched.

Find her online at: Website || Goodreads || Instagram || Amazon

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