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About Blooming with Books and requesting reviews.

If you are an author interested in getting your book reviewed Blooming with Books is happy to offer this service.
Please note that the books we review contain no explicit content - language or behavior.  If my grandmother would be offended so will I.  Books dealing with serious, humorous, or everyday life and situations are welcome for review.
Please contact me through e-mail with a brief summary of your book and whether it has already been published and is available for purchase or if it is galley format. Please be aware that I cannot purchase titles just for your review - I'd love to be able to do so but am on a limited budget that has many previous commitments. So please be upfront about whether or not you can provide a review copy to me for review and we'll go from there.
I will get back to you as soon as possible with further instructions for getting your materials to me.

If you haven't heard back from me it is possible your email was lost in cyberspace, so give it another try.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Greetings to you! I'm Nadine, and I would appreciate receiving a review from you for my epic fiction/romance novella, The Movement of Crowns, a fairly quick read and first in a series. It is published and available for purchase at a number of stores, and I can provide you with a PDF, MOBI, or EPUB copy for review.

    Blurb: At the point when kingdoms’ ideas of humanity differ…

    The nation of Diachona is celebrating the twentieth birthday and rite of passage for Constance, the Diachonian king’s daughter and heir. Yet, the pause for festivity doesn’t erase collective doubts about Constance’s aspiration for a place with the men on the National Council, nor does it eliminate fears roused by oppressive threats from a neighboring, powerful empire. Amid increasing rumors of war and personal misgivings about her own future, Constance deems this an inopportune time to be falling in love with one Commander Alexander. Will Providence keep them all through international tensions and the changing of times, or is Diachona watching its territory in vain?

    Thank you for your consideration!


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