Of Sea and Smoke ~ Review

Of Sea and Smoke
The Fireborn Epic #2
By Gillian Bronte Adams

This is a fantastic read it follows within hours of the conclusion of book one Of Fire and Ash. And trust me when I say you have to read the series in order! There are so many stories and characters that have come together in this book that if you haven't read the first one, you will be utterly lost, much like Ceridwen finds herself in this book.

This story is from the viewpoints of several characters, all of whom seem destined to play a vital role in the war that has crossed the sea and engulfed more than one nation in the violent quest for power. Ceridwen is The Fireborn and the obvious heir to the throne but for the shame and debt she owes for her brother's death. Then there is Rafi who has been running for so long he doesn't have a place he truly can call home. At least not since the murder of his brother. And then there are his secrets and the lies he lives to hide them. But the one character who seems most shrouded is Jakim. Jakim who is far from his home. Born free, enslaved, freed, and enslaved yet again. He desires nothing more than to return home, yet he feels he has been called to this foreign land at this time for a reason.

From where Of Fire and Ash concluded one felt one had an idea where the story would go to next. Well, it did but then everything went all topsy-turvey and everything got shuffled around. If this hadn't happened so early in the book one would be in despair as to how the book would conclude. Well, it did happen early on, and greater depths were found in our main characters as they struggled to get back what was lost.

This book doesn't lack for anything. All of the characters have depth even those who may only be in it for one or two scenes. The settings are as vast as those seen between hemispheres and continents. There can be richness or starkness and each fits perfectly into place - a tribute to the author's years of work and research that had to go into this book.

I highly recommend this book either as a book in hand or an audio edition (I have both on preorder).

I was provided a complimentary advanced digital copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
He rides a seablood, 
a steed of salt and spray, 
born to challenge the tides.

Six years ago, the wrong brother survived, and nothing will ever convince Rafi Tetrani otherwise. But he is done running from his past, and from the truth. As civil war threatens Ceridwen’s tenuous rule in Soldonia, Rafi vows to fight the usurper sitting on the imperial throne of Nadaar, even if it means shouldering his brother’s responsibilities as the empire’s lost heir.

The stolen shipload of magical warhorses offers just the edge he needs. But the steeds have been demanded in ransom by the emperor’s ruthless assassin, and if Rafi hopes to raise a band of riders, he must first outwit his brother’s murderer.

Yet when his best efforts end in disaster, and an audacious raid sparks an empire-wide manhunt, even forging an unexpected alliance might not be enough to help Rafi turn the tides, let alone outrace the wave of destruction intent on sweeping them all away.

Seas boil and jungles burn in this tempestuous second installment of The Fireborn Epic as the outcast queen, captive missionary, and royal rebel strive to unearth the mysterious power that hungers for their world.

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