Of Mist and Mirrors ~ Review

Of Mist and Mirrors by Rebecca Connolly
Of Mist and Mirrors
Agents of the Convent #3
By Rebecca Connolly

Minerva Dalton (aka Mirrors) is undertaking her first long-term assignment posing as Lady Beddingsford when a most unexpected incident occurs at her first event - Lord Beddingsford appears. So she does the only thing possible - publicly greeting her long-absent husband.

Griffin Russell (aka Mist) is seeking information about a missing clerk. A clerk who could pose a security threat to England. What he didn't expect when taking on the persona of Lord Beddingsford was finding himself with a wife. A wife he has never met before. So he does the only thing he can - respond in kind to his wife's greeting.

Minerva and Griffin usually work without partners, but thanks to a lack of communication between the higher-ups, they are now forced to work together as husband and wife. And the eyes of society are on them. The only question is whether they can convince society that they are very happily married without killing each other when away from society's prying eyes.

Of Mist and Mirrors is the third book in the Agents of the Convent series and builds on the continuing thread that was introduced in the London League series, specifically To Sketch a Sphinx. I loved a specific scene in which Minerva and Griff are to be outfitted by Tilda and both are equally dreading the moment. Anyone who has read any previous books in which Tilda has been in will greatly enjoy these two operatives who face danger and possible death being afraid of a woman who is going to see that they are properly attired to catch Society's eye.

This is a fun read set during the Regency era. And I loved how these two characters set everything in motion with their first meeting. Presenting themselves as a married infatuated couple while away from the public eye they were anything but. Coming from two very different backgrounds one can see how that would be an issue and yet it also proved to be a strength when it came to their skills as operatives. And the cover of this book is perfect for what it is presenting.  If you have read any of the author's previous works you know what to expect and you won't be disappointed - danger, intrigue, humor, and romance all presented in a read that you won't be able to put down, at least I couldn't (can you say 5:00 am?). 

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. I all thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Minerva Dalton is an experienced operative among the Agents of the Convent and not easily ruffled by the nature of her work. But when the first social event of her assignment is interrupted by another operative using the same alias surname as her own, she has to make a sudden adjustment that changes the course of both missions. And that of her life.

Griffin Russell did not expect the surprise that was Minerva when he'd taken this assignment, but he was not about to argue with a woman who was stunning as well as dangerous. He takes up an unlikely partnership with her to protect them both from discovery and failure, and discovers just how skilled and accomplished an agent she truly is.

Working together, can they accomplish both missions and not kill each other in the process? Or will something far more complicated and far less expected arise from their predicament?

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