Chasing Failure ~ Review with Excerpt and Giveaway

Chasing Failure:
    How Falling Short Sets You Up for Success
By Ryan Leak
Foreword by Jon Gordon

No one wants to fail but sometimes you have to fail to get a better future.  Failure refines you and makes you better if you see it as a blessing rather than a detriment. 

As children, we dream about the future, but as we move towards the freedoms an adult life brings we allow doubts and reality to keep us from our dreams. We talk ourselves out of our dreams because we fear failure. But you fail by default if you never make an attempt. Each time you make an attempt, your fear of failure will lose its hold on you and your dream. The first step is the most important, and failure is not the end but the motivation to continue chasing your dream.

You are your biggest hurdle to success. Missing the mark makes you better because you keep trying until you get better, and then you go to the next step of your journey. How you deal with your failure reveals your character. Do you see failure as a challenge to do better or does it crush you into abandoning your dream?

But sometimes failure is an invitation to chase a new dream - sometimes your passion finds you. But is your passion a hobby or does it have career potential? Sometimes you have to create your own opportunity. What do people, other than family members, encourage you to try? Start small and work your way forward. Don't dump your job before you make sure you can do what you are going after. Reaching your full potential takes work and fulfills you, but is the personal cost worth the risk? For every success, there is a cost - will it be to your family, your health, your time? Only you can answer whether the cost is too high.

You'll need to budget your time for what is important - what are your goals? Have you made time in your day and your calendar for your dreams? Is your time going towards your goal, or is it going towards binge-watching an entire television series? Discipline is the key to keeping your time on track. One place to put your time into is knowledge - you need to understand how to accomplish your goals - sources of knowledge are readily available - you just need to find it.

Are you ready to chase failure to find the success you desire? If so, this book from Ryan Leak will give you the tools and guidance you need to fail so that you may ultimately succeed.

The audio version has a bonus - at the end of each chapter, questions from early readers are answered. The audio version is read by the author Ryan Leak; it is well-presented and well-paced. The chapters are not too long so that you can easily turn your commute into a step on your path to success.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion - All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

By blending personal stories, inspirational anecdotes, riveting psychology, get-up-and-go encouragement, and just plain practical step-by-step advice, Ryan Leak shows how chasing failure just may be the quickest way to success.

We all have something we’d love to do, but often our fear of failure outweighs the potential of our destiny. But what if we found out that failure could actually help us succeed? Through Ryan Leak’s journey of chasing the girl of his dreams to his NBA fantasy and his encounter with five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant, Chasing Failure helps us remove every excuse for not pursuing the life we want to live.

In this book Ryan also talks about the science behind why people are afraid to fail, mixing in real-life stories and adding practical steps to help us intentionally chase failure. As he says, “God promises to be with you always, even through the failure.” This book is for the dreamers who have been afraid to move–and even those who have been afraid to dream. Ultimately, Chasing Failure will help us build confidence in what God has called us to do. As a motivational speaker, whether addressing people in corporations, churches, or youth events, Ryan has a message of hope: failure is right around the corner, so be brave enough to chase it! The good life is on the other side.

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About Ryan Leak

Ryan Leak is an author, speaker, executive coach, and filmmaker. He’s known for two documentaries: The Surprise Wedding and Chasing Failure. The son of a preacher man, Ryan grew up in the church with a marketplace passion. Today, Ryan splits his time between speaking in churches and doing executive coaching and speaking in Corporate America through his company, The Ryan Leak Group, LLC.

Ryan has a unique church position in that he is on the teaching team of five megachurches. He rotates speaking at each of them seven to eight times a year. He regularly teaches 48,000 people between those five churches. Ryan does about 120 events each year, reaching 200,000 people, and trains approximately 15,000 leaders. Ryan and his wife, Amanda, reside in Dallas, Texas, with their two children, Jaxson and Roman.


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