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The Delusion ~ Review

The Delusion
Delusion #1
By Laura Gallier

We all have our demons...

Owen Edmonds and his mother have come back to the home that belonged to the grandparents he never knew. Not the best thing when you are in the second half of your senior year of high school. And to make it even worse Masonville High has had an uncommonly high number of student suicides - 8 since September and the school year has several more months to go.

Like everyone else, Owen is confused and concerned and his girlfriend Jess with her up-and-down moods has him especially worried. But when a trip into the woods and an encounter with a strange older man turns into a quest for answers Owen is about to learn more than he ever wanted to know. And the proof of the demise of Masonville High is before his very eyes.

Unfortunately, Owen can't unsee what is before him and it is totally messing with his mind. Worse whenever he tries to describe what he is seeing other think he is losing it. Everyone he sees is altered - shackled and being attacked by hideous beings.

But time is running out as the school year counts down and the student toll rises. Can Owen's new sight offer any hope? Or will the entire student population fall to these beings?

Fans of Frank Peretti, Billy Coffey, and Chuck Black will enjoy this book which promises at the conclusion to be the first in a series. This is a battle between good and evil that takes place in the spiritual realm just outside of our perceivable visual range. Owen has no belief in such things but for reasons unknown to him he can see into the spiritual. This book is most definitely one for the older teen/YA and adult reader just because of some of the situations are not appropriate for younger readers. 

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations of a positive review ~ All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
By March of Owen Edmonds’s senior year, eleven students at Masonville High School have committed suicide. Amid the media frenzy and chaos, Owen tries to remain levelheaded—until he endures his own near-death experience and wakes to a distressing new reality.

The people around him suddenly appear to be shackled and enslaved.

Owen frantically seeks a cure for what he thinks are crazed hallucinations, but his delusions become even more sinister. An army of hideous, towering beings, unseen by anyone but Owen, are preying on his girlfriend and classmates, provoking them to self-destruction.

Owen eventually arrives at a mind-bending conclusion: he’s not imagining the evil—everyone else is blind to its reality. He must warn and rescue those he loves . . . but this proves to be no simple mission. Will he be able to convince anyone to believe him before it’s too late?

Owen’s heart-pounding journey through truth and delusion will force him to reconsider everything he believes. He both longs for and fears the answers to questions that are quickly becoming too dangerous to ignore.


Justice Buried ~ Review

Justice Buried
A Memphis Cold Case Novel #2
By Patricia Bradley

Kelsey Allen has found the perfect career for her unique skills and she's determined to get her security consulting business started. The sooner she becomes legitimate the sooner the media and police will know that she isn't the thief she appears to be.

When a new opportunity arises at the Pink Palace Museum to test their security and fill-in as the new conservator Kelsey takes the job. But there are ghosts from her past that this job will force her to have to deal with. Her father's disappearance nearly 30 years ago is tied to the Pink Palace. And when her high-school crush Detective Brad Hollister catches her in the midst of security duties (off the record) she has to do some quick explaining if she plans to keep her cover.

But someone may think Kelsey knows more than she does and they are determined to keep her quiet and they aren't thinking of a big financial payoff. With her life on the line, Brad Hollister and the Memphis police force just might be the only thing between her and a most untimely demise.

Justice Buried is another fast-paced suspense novel from Patricia Bradley that will keep readers turning the pages. And the way the past and present come together adds an interesting twist to the cases for both the Cold Case and Homicide units. Kelsey is an interesting character with whom one can empathize with as she struggles to come to terms with her long absent, criminal father. This is the second book in the Memphis Cold Case series but can be easily read as a standalone if you haven't read Justice Delayed. Get ready to sit back and enjoy a long afternoon of suspense and a second chance at romance.

About the Book:
In an effort to get her security consulting business off the ground, Kelsey Allen has been spending a lot of time up in the air, rappelling down buildings and climbing through windows to show business owners their vulnerabilities to thieves. When she is hired to pose as a conservator at the Pink Palace Museum in order to test their security weaknesses after some artifacts go missing, she's ecstatic. But when her investigative focus turns from theft to murder, Kelsey knows she's out of her league--and possibly in the crosshairs. When blast-from-the-past Detective Brad Hollister is called in to investigate, Kelsey may find that he's the biggest security threat yet . . . to her heart.

Crackling with romantic tension and laced with intrigue, this suspenseful story from award-winning author Patricia Bradley will keep you guessing--and looking over your shoulder.


Christmas at Carnton ~ Review

Christmas at Carnton
Carnton #0.5
By Tamera Alexander

Aletta Prescott is struggling to survive the cost the war with the North has cost her - her husband and now her job. But Aletta is determined to make the best life possible for her son and her expected baby even if she is soon to lose her home to the bank. But in the faltering South employment of any type is nearly impossible. When she learns of a job at Carnton she hopes and prays that this is the answer to her prayers.

The Women's Relief Society is planning a Christmas auction to raise funds to support the Confederate troops and Aletta hopes to secure the position. But with the position she hoped to fill already taken, Aletta's hopes falter but another opportunity presents itself if she can find the help she needs.

When Captain Jake Winston is ordered to assist the Women's Relief Society in its charitable endeavor he feels it is a waste of time. But orders are orders and with his recent injury preventing him from being able to complete his duty and not endanger himself and his fellow troops he is off to Carnton. With no outward sign of injury, Jake is soon put to work assisting the ladies in pulling it all together. And when asked by Aletta to help her he feels sure he will soon be doing her "job", but Aletta is full of surprises and soon impresses the skeptical Captain Winston with her skills.

Set in 1863 Franklin, Tennessee, this is a heart-warming Christmas story. There are unexpected blessings and heartbreak that are to be expected as this is a world that is deep in the trenches of war. Those who are fans of the Civil War era will enjoy this newest offering from Tamera Alexander. And if you just love reading a story with a strong Christmas theme this one is for you. Fans of the Belle Meade Plantation series may find a familiar name in this book that sets the stage for the author's newest series. Altogether this an enjoyable book that is perfect for a long dreary afternoon or a lazy weekend on the couch.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher through BookLook Bloggers with no expectations of a positive review ~ All opinions expressed are my own. 

About the Book:
Amid war and the fading dream of the Confederacy, a wounded soldier and a destitute widow discover the true meaning of Christmas—and sacrificial love.
Recently widowed, Aletta Prescott struggles to hold life together for herself and her six-year-old son. With the bank threatening to evict them, she discovers an advertisement for the Women’s Relief Society auction and applies for a position—only to discover it’s been filled. Then a chance meeting with a wounded soldier offers another opportunity—and friendship. But can Aletta trust this man?
Captain Jake Winston, a revered Confederate sharpshooter, suffered a head wound at the Battle of Chickamauga. When doctors deliver their diagnosis, Jake fears losing not only his greatest skill but his very identity. As he heals, Jake is ordered to assist with a local Women’s Relief Society auction. He respectfully objects. Kowtowing to a bunch of “crinolines” isn’t his idea of soldiering. But orders are orders, and he soon discovers this group of ladies—one, in particular—is far more than he bargained for.
Set against the backdrop and history of the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee, Christmas at Carnton is a story of hope renewed and faith restored at Christmas.


Goodbye Christopher Robin ~ Movie Review with Trailer

Goodbye Christopher Robin

I was given the opportunity to preview Goodbye Christopher Robin and I naturally agreed. After all who hasn't heard about Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and the Hundred Acre Wood. This is the story behind this beloved story.

A.A. Milne has lost his focus, his life is caught between his desire to write something that will change the world and having to live with the after-effects of living through the Great War, the war that was to end all wars. It is in this climate that the Milne's have a son whom they name Christopher Robin but call Billy. When Billy is left to his father's care for a short period of time what follows is an almost magical period of bonding between father and son. And the Hundred Acre Wood comes to life and the residents come to life and soon begin to grace pages that become a world that brings healing and happiness to a world that had lost so much to war.

But what was Billy's soon becomes Christopher Robin's and the magical bond that father and son had found was lost amongst the clamor for Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, and more.

This is a story that is heart-warming and yet has a thread of heartbreak that runs through it as it explores and examines the bond between Alan Milne and Billy "Christopher Robin" Milne. Those who have seen and enjoyed Finding Neverland will find Goodbye Christopher Robin has a similar feel to it. The scenery and the soundtrack are beautiful and bring an added depth to the movie. This is a movie that can be enjoyed with your children. There are scenes of war and a few instances of bullying so young children may wish to avoid this but most children over 8 should be fine with this movie.


GOODBYE CHRISTOPER ROBIN stars Domhnall Gleeson (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Revenant, Unbroken), Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad) and Kelly MacDonald (Brave, Nanny McPhee).  It is directed by Simon Curtis (My Week With Marilyn, Woman In Gold) and written by Simon Vaughan and Frank Cottrell Boyce (who you may or may not know wrote famous children’s book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).


Tribal Affairs ~ Review with Giveaway

Tribal Affairs
By Matt Dallmann

She thought she was losing her mind ~ that she was seeing things. But the truth was even more unbelievable ~ Liana unknowingly has connected herself to a genie. This genie has been trapped for generations in the charm of an anklet that once belonged to Liana's mother. And now Liana is about to discover the truth she knew is not the truth that is.

When Liana decides to claim the anklet as her own to wear she unwittingly triggers a chain of events which upend her life and everything she believed was true. Soon she finds herself caught up in a centuries-old conflict between two powerful tribes of genies. And Liana's only hope of understanding exactly what is happening to her lies with a young genie who is partially responsible for the whole mess she now finds herself in.

But can Liana trust Taffi with her life and her heart? Or will he prove a true son of his father and an enemy to Liana and her family?

But this is more than Liana's story as Dahlia's story is told as well. Who is Dahlia you ask. She is the genie that has been trapped within the locket which Liana is wearing. And Liana and Dahlia's stories are told in an alternating fashion until they come together in a climactic conclusion.

If you are a fan of fantasy and like it clean this is a book you'll want to pick up and enjoy. Though marketed to the YA reader I feel any fantasy fan 13 or 14 and up will enjoy this book. The pacing doesn't drag and the action and danger is a steadily building force throughout. And the author's ability to draw all these threads together comes to a satisfying story that ends in a way so that the reader is not left with any unanswered questions.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the author with no expectations of a positive review ~ All opinions expressed are my own.

Book Details:

Book Title: Tribal Affair by Matt Dallmann
Category: YA Fiction, 277 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Matt Dallmann
Release date: July 2017
Tour dates: Oct 9 to 27, 2017
Content Rating: G (No bad language or sex)

Book Description:

Dahlia, a centuries-old genie, lies hopelessly trapped in a damaged golden locket charm attached to an ankle bracelet. Its owner, sixteen-year-old Liana, wears it for the first time during her father Jamison’s opening night illusion spectacular. Not only does its presence cause Jamison to folly his performance, but it also starts a chain of bizarre events that lead to a showdown with Dahlia’s mortal enemy, Stefan, and an unsuspecting romance between Liana and his son.

Buy the Book:

Meet the author:

Matt Dallmann has a background in acting and holds a BFA from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. His films and screenplays have been featured at film festivals across the United States including Cinequest, Big Apple Film Festival, Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival, DragonCon and Zero Independent Film Festival. His piano compositions have been published for commercial use and he is a member of ASCAP. Matt is also the Co-Founder and Vice President of the boutique medical billing firm VGA Billing Services, Inc. in New York City. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

Connect with the author: Website

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The Teen's Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices ~ Review

The Teen's Guide to Social Media
    and Mobile Devices
By Jonathan McKee

Navigating the ever-changing digital world of social media is a challenge for most people. And for teens, there is the added pressure of navigating the ever-changing world of life with school, friends, peer-pressure, and parents all having expectations.

But how do we make sure that what we post won't have a negative impact on the rest of our lives? We need to post, share, and friend in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. But making smart decisions can be hard when we don't think things through completely.  And once we hit the button it is impossible to take back what we've put out for our audience to share.

This book offers rules (or guidelines) for you to follow to keep you safe and out of trouble both today and in the future. One can never know who will see what we've put out to share. Yes, it could be a close friend or family member or it could someone with intentions that could do you harm. There are no absolutes when online so your best course is to be smart in this insecure world.

Though written to teens anyone who uses the internet could make use of this book. And anyone who has dealings with kids should definitely read through this book and share it with the young people in their life. There are 21 tips for safe and wise posting and real-life situations where not following these guidelines had dire consequences, sometimes for life! The tips are presented with Biblical reasons why followed by questions to make you think.

This book should be a must for any home with young people in it and it should be included in a library's young adult and/or parent resources collection. The book isn't preachy in its message yet it is firmly based on Godly principles.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Ever regret something you’ve posted?
Honestly? How smart are you being when it comes to streaming, messaging, gaming, commenting. . .?

 The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices will help you navigate the digital world with 21 refreshingly honest and humorous tips that will not only inform, but that also just might change the way you think about your social media interaction.

   21 real-life tips including. . .
  • Know the app before you snap.
  • Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want Grandma, your boss, and Jesus seeing! (Jesus is on Insta, you know!)
  • Peek at your privacy settings. . .so you know who’s peeking at you.
  • Take more “selflessies.”
  • Press pause before you post. 
. . .and many more will provide just the information you need to post wisely in an insecure world.


The 16th Academy ~ Review with Excerpt

The 16th Academy
By Spencer Yacos

Davy Prince is living a life most would not believe, unless they too, were attached to Eastway Academy. Having been a "student" since he was 13 years old Davy is anything but a typical student. He and his fellow classmates are a well-trained group of agents. And most missions meet with success.

But after one mission things begin to change with their next assignment. Their assignment takes them to San Pablo where years before the 10th Academy never returned from a similar mission. And when things begin to go wrong questions are raised about a traitor in their midsts. But who would want them dead and why?

But when their mission goes even further off course Davy finds himself in a most unlikely situation one where he must decide whom he distrusts the most if he is to survive.

Tweens and teens who love the action and adventure of teen spies will enjoy this debut offering from Spencer Yacos. The danger is physical, emotional, and mental. In this deadly game who you trust could very well determine who will live. As the story progresses the intensity builds for a climatic end that is clearly the first in a series that will keep the reader in anticipation of what comes next. I highly recommend this book for mystery and suspense fans. Though for aimed at teens I feel many adult readers will enjoy this book as well.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review ~ All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Eastway Academy, a shadowy organization steeped in espionage, values obedience above all else. Although a well-trained agent in his third year, 16-year-old Davy Prince struggles to find his morals when every mission seems to put innocent lives at risk. How will Davy react when sabotage turns an already risky job into an all-out struggle for survival?

About the Author:
Spencer Yacos is proud to be publishing his debut novel at Cedar Fort. He has been writing on the local level as well as for magazines such as Teen Ink. Spencer was also accepted into the Emerging Writers Institute at Brown University over the summer of 2015. He looks forward to continuing with the series as he heads off to study in college.

Author Residence: Wyckoff, NJ

“Camelot is ready. The operation is a go,” a voice crackled through the
transceiver in my ear. The mission was being initiated and a part of me was
annoyed. Only halfway through my fried chicken, I was still pretty hungry. I
hadn’t eaten since the night before, since the plane ride down that morning
served no breakfast. Given that I was going to meet with a drug kingpin in a
few minutes, the last thing I wanted was for my stomach to be growling.
I sat in the first floor food court of the Franklin Building, El Paso’s premier
commercial block and the headquarters of the global fast food chain Beef n’
Wings. It was just after noon and the area stirred with visitors eager for their
lunch. From my position I could see two other field agents, the only other two
in the building. Far off to my right, just outside the crowds and colorful
cacophony of restaurants, a hulking teenaged boy seemed to have the same
idea I had as he snacked on a beef hot dog from one of the stands. He wore
a blue hard hat, with matching blue overalls and heavy-looking harnesses
which clung to his body. At his side he loosely held a squeegee as well as
some napkins, presumably for his meal. After taking a big gulp, his lips began
to move. It was much too noisy in the food court to pick up any word he was
saying naturally, but on the transceiver I could hear him perfectly. Percival is
ready. Let’s get this over with.”