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Halley's Casino #2
By Mark JG Fahey

Three years have passed since the events of Halley's Casino and Neb (aka Nebula Yorker) is enjoying his stint onboard as Mr. Tict's assistant.  And his identity as a Triopelian is a closely guarded secret from all but his true friends (TeeCeeFore, Tict, Kel, Pic, and Picone) but that is all about to change when trouble comes calling.

When Tict is targeted by a pair of alien siblings who seem intent on death, destruction, and more destruction, Neb is determined to discover what they thought Tict was hiding. What Neb uncovers is that a Triopelian Star Chart is being sought, a Star Chart that was lost long ago and one that the Triopelians would have never allowed an outsider to possess. Soon Neb and friends find themselves racing to the water planet Marine hoping that they will be able to obtain the chart and return it to its rightful owners.

But there is more to Marine than first meets the eye and Neb's uniqueness may be what is needed to not only find the chart but to live to another day. But time is running short though depending where on Marine you are there is a small abnormality in just how much has passed. And then there is the legend or rumor of Airhert a being never seen but upon whom the loss of others has been blamed. Airhert is a totally enjoyable surprise as far as the new cast of characters is concerned, as is Purell an android who is a personality plus some and another welcome addition to this book.

Now there are a few interesting developments that are (one would assume) laying the groundwork for the next book in this trilogy and they are most intriguing developments. One has to wonder just what is next in store for Neb and with a name like Nebula it is sure to be spectacular.

Teens and up are sure to enjoy this one if they are fans of sci-fi with a good dash of humor flavoring it. And if you are looking for something new give this a try. Get ready for an out of this world - out of this time experience.

** As with the first book there are a few gray words/topics that sensitive readers may like to be aware of before opening the book or sharing with younger readers.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the author with no expectations except that I provide my honest opinion - all thoughts expressed are my own.

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Book Details:

Book Title:  Marine (Halley's Casino Book 2) by Mark JG Fahey
Category:  Adult Fiction,  378 pages
Genre:   Science Fiction / Humor
Publisher:  Self-published
Release date:  Oct 20, 2016
Content Rating: PG (No f-words, mild violence, readable for all ages 12 and up)

About the Book:

Nebula Yorker (“Neb” to his friends) finds himself on the water planet of Marine in a race to recover a long lost Triopelian Star Chart he previously never knew existed.

Along the way Neb encounters new friends and a villainous brother and sister team bent on doing whatever they must to get their hands on the star chart first – including mayhem and murder.

One cocky android, one imbibed professor, one universal(ly) renowned scientist and one ice breathing sassy Water Dragon make Neb wonder whether the past 3 years traveling with Halley’s Casino was just a peaceful lull?

Who will find the star chart first? What are the implications if Neb doesn’t? And what does a Water Moon have to do with all of this?

John Lennon seems to know….

Mark JG FaheyAbout the Author:

Mark JG Fahey is not an alien, contrary to what you may have heard, though he swears he has been to space. Mark has dabbled in various undertakings throughout his illustrious career, from on-air hosting/reporter/stand-up comic to messenger for the Prime Minister of Canada. Mark also holds a degree in Restaurant Services. His family and friends can attest to his excellent cooking skills. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Mark was raised and still resides in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada.  Halley's Casino is the first book in the Halley's Casino trilogy.

Halley's Casino: 3rd place winner in a worldwide competition with World's Best Story 2017. Finalist and 3rd place winner with the Independent Author Network October 2018 and is also a finalist for the inaugural Canadian Book Club Awards 2018.

Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook


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