Swan and Shadow ~ Review

Swan and Shadow
a Swan Lake story
By Kaki Olsen

Aislin Byrne is under a curse.  For generations it was just a family legend, a barely remembered piece of family history.  But no more.

More than 600 years ago a curse was placed upon the second daughter of the family.  And in all the years since no second daughter has ever met all the conditions in finding true love. And Aislin is now paying the price along with her family.

If Aislin can find the path to true love and stay true to the curses conditions the curse will be broken. But when the hours between dawn and dusk are spent living life as a swan true love's path is difficult to find.  And if she doesn't follow the conditions of the curse exactly she will live out her life as a swan, forfeiting her human hours forever.

Aislin has a champion who is determined to help find her happily ever after ~ her older twin sister Maeve will do anything to to restore Aislin to the life she lived until they were 12 years old.  But how do you explain a "fairy tale" curse to a world that no longer believes?  Aislin's secret must be protected and Maeve is not above playing the part of her sister when called upon.  But will Maeve's assistance help or hinder Aislin when she finds someone who could be "the one"?

Can a first love be true love?  Aislin is about to find out.

If you love a modern twist to your fairy tales and have a fondness for Swan Lake you might want to let your imagination take flight in this new book world.  This is a book YA readers will devour.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review and tour participation.

About the Book:
Aislin’s curse is the standard fare: swan by day, college student by night, true love as the only cure. But does true love even exist outside of fairy tales? After having to cover for Aislin during her swan hours, Aislin’s twin, Maeve, is willing to resort to anything from matchmaking to magic to see her sister live happily (and human) ever after. Will either of them get their wish?

About the Author:
Kaki Olsen is always on the brink of another adventure. If she couldn't be a writer, she'd be a full-time musician or travel guide and she would take her lunch breaks at Fenway Park. Until that happens, she speaks both Spanish and English at her every-day office job, but she has vacationed enthusiastically in such places as Istanbul and Ireland. She has lived in five states, but will always refer to Boston as home.

She regularly contributes academic papers on zombies or wizards to Life, the Universe and Everything, a sci-fi/fantasy symposium originated at her alma mater, Brigham Young University. Her published works have appeared in such magazines as Voices and AuthorsPublish.

She is a doting aunt and librarian of two bulging bookshelves.

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