The Sanctuary ~ Review

The Sanctuary
by Ted Dekker

The Sanctuary is a follow-up to Dekker's The Priest's Graveyard.  The Sanctuary is in true Dekker style - taking a deeper look at the human heart and the necessity of truly knowing one's own self.

Warden Marshall Pape is in-charge of The Sanctuary an experiment of the California Correctional System, properly known as The Basal Institute of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  It is into this environment that Danny Hansen has been transferred into.  Just 3 years into his 50 year sentence for the murder of two abusive men, Danny is determined to refrain from any and all forms of violence no matter the personal cost.

But Warden Pape is determined to break Danny so that he can be fixed.  And in Pape's mind the only way to fix Danny is to get him to admit his true nature and then to confess all his crimes.  But the methods used in Basal are disturbing and nothing happens there without the approval of Pape.  But no one on the outside knows what goes on within the walls of the Sanctuary!

Renee Gilmore is the reason Danny is in prison and someone knows who she is and they are threatening to kill Danny.  Renee is determined to warn Danny but she can't get word to him and no one believes her warning.  In her quest to save the man she loves Renee falls into the very trap from which she is trying to save Danny.

Someone is manipulating everyone and everything around them.  Can Danny and Renee determine the truth before they are destroyed?  Who hates them enough to go to such extremes?

The Sanctuary is a disturbing look at what happens when corrupted power and revenge come together and determine to break a man.  It is well written, but more graphic than my normal reading fare.

I was provided an ARC of the title by the publisher for the purpose of this review, all opinions expressed are my own.

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