Sandwich With a Side of Romance ~ Review

Sandwich With a Side of Romance
By Krista Phillips

Maddie Buckner has just started working at the Sandwich Cut 'N' Style, and before you ask there is no food involved.  The Sandwich is all Illinois.  Sandwich, Illinois to be exact.  But her new job just is not meant to be when her first trim as a stylist goes awry with a slip of the scissors and her boss fires her on the spot.

But Maddie is determined to have her job restored.  And seeing as how it was Reuben's shift of the head that caused the damage in the first place Maddie feels he should get her job back for her.  But Reuben instead offers Maddie a job as a waitress in his restaurant.

But Maddie's job as a waitress is soon on the same path as her job as a stylist when she dumps a plate of food in the mayor's lap!  With her job on shaky terms she offers to be an administrative assistant instead, a task Reuben is more than happy to pass on to her.

A stable job with a steady income and a home are vital if Maddie wants to be able to obtain guardianship of her 11 year old brother Kyle.  But time is short with Kyle's foster parents considering adopting him.

But as Maddie works at trying to get her life together she is drawn to Reuben while at the same time being annoyed at him.

But sometimes what we are least expecting is God's plan for us.  Could Reuben be the answer God has in mind for her?  Could he be God's plan to keep Maddie and Kyle together?  To determine the truth Maddie must let go and let God take control of her life.

But when someone runs a background check on her and sets her up with a huge bonus and a pay raise it appears that her life is about to be destroyed yet again when Reuben finds out.  Maddie is out of yet another job just in time for her 21st birthday.  Can Maddie learn to lean on God in all things, even when life is at its bleakest?

I was provided a copy of this book in conjunction with this Pump Up Your Book Blog Tour.

Sandwich With a Side of Romance is available from Abingdon Press at your favorite bookseller.


KRISTA PHILLIPS is a debut author and owner of the popular blog, One Woman’s Dream. She lives with her husband and four daughters in Middle Tennessee.
Her latest book is the Christian fiction romance,Sandwich with a Side of Romance.
Visit her website at www.KristaPhillips.com.
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