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A Thousand Sleepless Nights ~ Review with Giveaway

A Thousand Sleepless Nights
By Teri Harman

Please Remember Me...

Can grief change your life? When her Aunt Jetty dies Matilda White leaves everything behind - her job, her fiance, her friends, her life. The grief is too much so she leaves Silent Fields, Kansas, behind in the middle of the night to start over.

Henry Craig is a writer who can't put word to paper - the words are there but they are trapped within him unable to find release. Until he sees Matilda ~ Matilda gives his words release. Soon six years have passed and Matilda and Henry are about to leave the life they've created for themselves for a new one in Kansas City.

But when something goes terribly wrong Matilda's grief is about to change everything Henry and Matilda have had together. Henry wakes up in a Detroit library and Matilda in her home in Silent Fields. Six years have passed but neither has any memory of it. Where did those six years go? And if you don't remember something does that mean it never happened?

Silent Fields in typical small town fashion has come up with their own spins on where Matilda has been and where her unexplained scars have come from. But Matilda has no answers and her very silence adds to the speculation.

Feeling at loose ends with his life having gone on without him Henry comes upon an old advertisement one that will at least give him a starting point from which to rebuild the life he once had. The editor of a small town paper seems like the ideal way to put his writing skills to work. And Silent Fields, Kansas, awaits.

But Henry's arrival starts with chaos and a storm that finds him having to rely on the kindness of strangers. But when he has a chance glance at a stranger across the room he has a connection that sparks the creative juices that have long eluded him. Who is this woman who with a quick glance affects him so? 

And so begins a journey to discover what was lost - the only clues being a book with a personal inscription by an unknown author and an antique typewriter in the possession of both. 

This book has a thread of mystery that runs through a love story. For those who love or are at least familiar with It's a Wonderful Life and Portrait of Jennie (1948 movie with Joseph Cotton and Jennifer Jones) this book I would say is a modern (1990s) story that combines these two storylines into a uniquely powerful and moving story about the power of grief and love. 

If you could lose your grief and pain would you be willing to give up everything that went with it? How much is too much? Read A Thousand Sleepless Nights and discover what happens for yourself - you won't be sorry. This would make an excellent book club selection as there is much worth delving into and discussing.

I was provided a review copy of this book through SLB tours with no expectations of a positive review ~ all opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Is love stronger than grief?
After the death of her Aunt Jetty, the woman who raised her, Matilda White packs a single suitcase, leaving behind her home, her small town in Kansas, and the man she’s supposed to marry.
Henry Craig is a writer—if only he could find the right words. While sitting at a worn table in a Detroit library he sees a new librarian, Matilda, and suddenly the world erupts with words.
Six years later, Matilda and Henry load their young daughter Lucy, two antique typewriters, and a box of Henry’s love letters into the car and head off to a new life. But one snowstorm and a slippery road take it all away. In that black moment of tragedy Matilda turns to Henry and says, “I wish I’d never met you.”
The world goes dark.
Matilda wakes up in Jetty’s dilapidated house with no memory of the last six years. Beside her on the bed, a book and an antique typewriter.
Henry wakes up in his familiar spot in the library, a book and old typewriter squatting on the table beside him. He can’t remember the last six years.
Can words on a typed page, sent from one typewriter to another, push aside tar-thick pain and resurrect love?
About the Author:
Teri Harman has believed in all things wondrous and haunting since her childhood days of sitting in the highest tree branches reading Roald Dahl and running in the rain imagining stories of danger and romance. She’s the author of three previous books: Blood Moon, Black Moon, and Storm Moon. She also writes about books for, and contributed regular book segments to “Studio 5 with Brooke Walker,” Utah’s number one lifestyle show. She lives in Utah with her husband and three children. Visit her at
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