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Noble Knights Blog Tour ~ An Uncertain Choice

There is nothing quite as satisfying as reading a book that leaves one with a feeling of delight and the desire to again open the book at the first page and to re-experience the entire book.
And An Uncertain Choice  by Jody Hedlund is just such a book.

Welcome to just one of the stops of the Noble Knights Blog Tour
Learn more about The Vow and An Uncertain Choice
from Jody Hedlund - her first Young Adult focused books.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from An Uncertain Choice

"I wouldn't tolerate cruelty on my lands -- having
outlawed it since the Plague had taken my parents."

A short distance from the guildhall stood a war horse
mounted by a knight -- the coat of arms unfamiliar.

"Sir," I started. "I owe you my deepest gratitude."
Only then did he straighten.

"My lady." His voice echoed behind the hollow metal.
"You owe me nothing."

After four years alone of isolation and missing
my parents, I'd never felt as alone as I did now.

...for the vow my parents made was unbreakable
except by death.  
Three knights were mounted directly behind the 
duke's steed, set apart from the others --
obviously his most trusted men.

"After much investigation, my scribes have
finally found an exception to your parents' vow."

"...what hope did I have of finding true love
and getting married?"

"Trust me, Lady Rosemarie," came the soft 
whisper of the duke. "I have nothing to gain...
except your happiness."                

"How could I have neglected the gardens
in my search for the Rose among roses?"

"'Tis often the rarity that makes something
so precious, wouldn't you say?"

I'd sensed his silent challenge--
a challenge to stand up for
myself and be a stronger leader.

The beauty of the forest was something 
I'd missed--the dense green, the lush moss,
the rushing of the river. But more than that,
I'd missed the companionship...

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