To Win Her Kiss

To Win Her Kiss
The Brookshire Brothers #2
By Miranda D. Nelson

Maggie York is about to go to London, the only problem is that her elder brother insists that it be now during the Christmas season. Not that she has a problem with being in London mind you, she just worries about her two younger sisters who will be without any family during this time.

Matthew Reed, Maggie's London neighbor, has no excitement about London or his ordered stay there over Christmas. But there are expectations, and his father is insistent that he do his duty and represent the family at this time. Even more upsetting, his father expects him to seriously apply himself to finding a wife.

Two more different people could not be expected to form an attachment, much less a friendship. But when Maggie finds herself in an entanglement, she needs Matthew's assistance in freeing herself. Slowly the two form a neighborly understanding over their shared hedge. Though, in all honesty, Matthew is a big grouch most of the time, and his manners in society lack big time. But somehow, when Maggie most needs his help, he offers it. 

Matthew makes it clear he will never love. Unfortunately, his declaration just might be the thing that breaks Maggie's spirit and her heart. Can a curmudgeon change his mind and not only find love but win it in return? Matthew is determined to do all he can after getting embroiled in a scandal that has London Society's tongues wagging. 

This is a sweet story set during the Christmas season. Can love be found after a marriage of convenience? This is a story of second chances and new beginnings. I have to say Matthew's former friends are quite the troublemakers. This is the first book by Miranda Nelson that I have read, and look forward to reading the rest of this series. The few glimpses I got of Matthew's brothers, I really look forward to learning more about them. 

Though there are ups and downs, overall, I'd say this is a book that leaves one with a feel-good frame of mind. So if you want a good clean read with a hint of scandal, some family drama, and lots of Christmas fun, you'll want to read To Win Her Kiss

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
If he was going to ruin her reputation, he might as well make it clear that was what he was doing.

Matthew Reed would rather be anywhere but London this Christmas, and nothing but his duty to his father could keep him there. Though he anticipates a dreadful holiday of forced socialization, he does not expect his animated neighbor who is as beautiful as she is aggravating. As he attempts to navigate London society while keeping himself protected from his past, he begins to question whether everyone is as self-serving as he supposed.

On the other hand, Maggie York could not be more excited to reenter society, and at Christmas no less! Though confused by her brother’s increased sway over her, she is determined to enjoy herself. She soon finds herself just as determined to know her neighbor better, a gentleman who is as surly as he is intriguing.

When an unwanted marriage proposal makes Maggie scramble for another solution, Matthew’s unexpected idea may be her best chance. As Christmas draws nearer, Matthew and Maggie must brave society and rely on each other to find their happy ending.

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