The Tiny Cyborg ~ Release Day

 Happy release day to The Tiny Cyborg!

  Today Jill Williamson_author and her son Luke celebrate the release of the third and final book in the RoboTales series! This is a science fiction chapter book series for readers 9 - 12, though the series has some older fans, as well. These are fairytale retellings combined with a helpful robot dog. Can you guess from the title which story The Tiny Cyborg is inspired by?

Here is the back cover description: 

▪  ▪  ▪  ▪ 

Darius is the youngest son of President Cassian. When his father goes missing on a planet with super-strong gravity, Darius is determined to rescue him. He makes a dangerous deal with scientist Dr. Fleed to become a cyborg in order to protect his body on the planet's surface. With the help of a robot dog, Darius sets out on his quest. Will he find his father in time? Or will Dr. Fleed take over the solar system and make cyborgs of them all?

▪  ▪  ▪  ▪  

The Tiny Cyborg is available on Jill's Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.com. Learn more at https://jillwilliamson.com/series/robotales.

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