The Dread Penny Society ~ Review

The Dread Penny Society
The Complete Penny Dreadful Collection
By Sarah M. Eden

The completed works of the Dread Penny Society has been released. Who or what is the Dread Penny Society, you say? Only a group of the Victorian-Era's greatest writers of Penny Dreadfuls, who also battle the villainy of London when not writing, of course.

This delightful collection pulls the various installments from the Dread Penny series into one edition so that the stories are presented in a continual thread. I loved reading them as they were randomly presented in the novels by Sarah M. Eden. But this is so nice to read them each from start to finish in a single sitting. 

I have to admit, before this series, I had never heard of Penny Dreadfuls other than a passing comment in a book. It is fascinating to compare the author's original tales to some I was able to locate online. No doubt about it, these stories would indeed been popular, highly anticipated serials. And if you like tales that give you chills while walking just this side of the unknown but don't stray into the gruesome, you'll want to check this book out. But you may be looking for something else to read into the wee hours of the night, if ye be planning on sleeping, that is. This is a page-turner, for sure and for certain.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I give my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
This beautiful, cloth-covered hardcover collector’s anthology compiles all the penny dreadful short stories from Sarah M. Eden’s five-book Victorian romance series. Included in this edition are three new, never-before-released stories.

Each short story is written in the style of the Victorian fiction that became so popular during that time period. From ghost stories to adventures to mysteries, Sarah weaves these gothic tales among her romantic storylines, making it the perfect way to celebrate the Dread Penny Society series (The Lady and the Highwayman, The Gentleman and the Thief, The Merchant and the Rogue, The Bachelor and the Bride, and The Queen and the Knave).

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