The Baronet’s Lady Biologist ~ Review

The Baronet's Lady Biologist
The Linfield Ladies #3 
By Alissa Baxter

Georgiana Linfield has a passion for biology and natural history and is not inclined to put it aside to fulfill Society's expectations of marriage. But at seventeen, she is about to have a London Season whether she wants one or not.

When Sir Giles Tavistock finds Georgiana in her father's natural history museum, he assumes she is feigning interest in an attempt to gain his notice. But when he later discovers her organizing his godfather's natural history collection, he is more than a little surprised, and Georgiana is less than pleased to have to interact with him until he requests her skills as an illustrator.

The Baronet's Lady Biologist is a delightful addition to The Linfield Ladies series. There is a bit of a mystery woven throughout this Regency-era Romance. And, of course, being a Regency-era read, there is a good dash of intrigue and danger. I love how Georgiana is more than upfront about her outdoorsy inclinations, while Giles is so self-important he thinks every lady is out to "get" him. He is also quick to judge without all the facts. Let's just say if these two get together, it won't be because of Giles's first or even second impression. This book, while part of a series, can be easily read without the benefit of reading the previous two books. Highly recommended for a long afternoon or weekend read with your favorite cup of tea nearby.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Georgiana Linfield is a lady biologist who is determined to travel the world. Upon arriving in London for the Season, she decides the best way to fulfill her dreams is to find an amenable husband to indulge her every whim. Refusing to give up her interest in natural history for a dull domestic life, she sets out to forge a different path for herself.

When her father's elderly cousin asks her to set his natural history collection in order, she accepts his request with joy. However, the task brings her into almost daily contact with his godson, Sir Giles Tavistock, a renowned entomologist, who regards her with suspicion. When Sir Giles discovers her skills as a scientific illustrator, he asks her to sketch his South American butterfly collection, and they forge an uneasy truce.

However, their tenuous connection is shattered when Sir Giles believes a rumour casting Georgiana in a far-from-flattering light. Vowing to have nothing more to do with him, she keeps him at a distance. But when the baronet's butterflies attract unwanted attention, a series of events unravel, making Georgiana wonder if the famous collector might have done the impossible and captured her heart.

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