Lethal Intentions ~ Review

Lethal Intentions
Targeted for Elimination #1
By Jennifer Chastain

Jack Spencer's cover is blown, he's injured, and on the run. But if he hopes to live long enough to stop the people who are behind this he needs help. All Maggie Coleman wants to do is start her vacation, but she needs to get Jack to the Mainland first.

But Jack and Maggie are dealing with baggage from their pasts while trying to stay ahead of the people who are after Jack. But now Maggie is in their sights. Can Jack live long enough to get Maggie back to Hawaii?

This is the first time I have read a book by Jennifer Chastain, and I would say her style would be a good fit for fans of Love Inspired Suspense. Immediate danger starts off the book, and Maggie quickly gets drawn into the danger that is tracking Jack. I would say that this book falls into the clean-read category. Nothing too graphic in regard to violence. I would say this is a fairly good read if you are looking for suspense, mystery, and romance and don't want PG-13 or worst situations popping up throughout your reading. This would be an excellent weekend or spring break read. 

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

He’s a man on the run.


Undercover ATF agent Jack Spencer has been running away his entire life. His last assignment has him questioning who he really is, what he believes, and who he can trust. When his cover is compromised and he’s injured, he must disappear in order to survive.


She wants a fresh start.


After five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, ex-Army medic Maggie Coleman wants a quiet life, one without emotional trauma. The peace and serenity of the Hawai’ian Islands is just what the doctor ordered. Then Jack crashes into her life, taking her on a rollercoaster ride into the unknown. 


Now, they’re running for their lives.


Maggie and Jack flee the Islands only to find their every move is anticipated. As the days wear on, they form a bond that transcends their situation, and they must learn to depend not only on each other but God, as well. When they finally reach the safe house in the mountains of Montana, Jack and Maggie hunker down and wait for reinforcements. Before help arrives, Maggie is kidnapped, and Jack has only one option—offer himself in exchange. Failure is not an option. Because if he does, they both stand to lose more than just their budding relationship.

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