A Winter at the White Queen ~ Review

A Winter at the White Queen
Romance at the Gilded Age Resorts #1
By Denise Weimer

What more can I say other than this was a delightful book to read? Well, obviously I can say more because I read and enjoyed this book. First Ellie Hastings is an orphan who is at the beck-and-call of her wealthier relations who took her in all those years ago. Her aunt almost sees Ellie as staff with how she treats her. And worse she can't live her own life until her youngest cousin is secure in a proper engagement and worse Ellie has to discover any potential suitor's worth and potential. 

When the Hastings family winters over in Florida, Ellie is suppose to uncover Mr. Lewis Thornton's eligibility, and unless he is married he is fair game in Aunt Florence's opinion.

But there is something that Lewis Thornton is hiding and Ellie is determined to find out just what that is. And when Aunt Florence's diamond necklace goes missing Ellie has her own suspicions as to who is guilty of the crime.

This is a lovely book that falls in both clean and gentle reading. The setting is Florida's winter social season during the Gilded Age. If you are a fan of Love Finds You In historical fiction or the Doors to the Past series, you will LOVE this book. This is the first book in a new series that I'm interested in seeing what happens next. This was my first introduction to Denise Weimer and I was not disappointed in what I read. I highly recommend it to fans of Historical Fiction. And if nothing else, judge this book by its cover - you won't regret it!

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but the I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

In the world of the wealthy,
things are never quite as they appear.

About the Book:
Ellie Hastings is tired of playing social gatekeeper—and poor-relation companion—to her Gibson Girl of a cousin. But her aunt insists Ellie lift her nose out of her detective novel long enough to help gauge the eligibility of bachelors during the winter social season at Florida’s Hotel Belleview. She finds plenty that’s mysterious about the suave, aloof Philadelphia inventor, Lewis Thornton. Why does he keep sneaking around the hotel? Does he have a secret sweetheart? And what is his connection to the evasive Mr. Gaspachi, slated to perform at Washington’s Birthday Ball?

Ellie’s comical sleuthing ought to put Lewis out, but the diffident way her family treats her smashes a hole in his normal reserve. But when Florence Hastings’ diamond necklace goes missing, Ellie’s keen mind threatens to uncover not only Lewis’s secrets, but give him back hope for love.

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