Covert Danger ~ Mini Review

Covert Danger
Guardians Unleashed #2
By Jerusha Agen

For the last 12 years, she has avoided her home and her family. For the past 3 years, she's only communicated via email - her freedom depends on it. Lies have ruled her life, and she has lost herself in the web that she has created. It began to protect her best friend and has become something more. Now she doesn't know where the lies end and her true self begins. 

When her current assignment with Phoenix K-9 Security and Detection Agency lands her in the middle of a case that brings her face-to-face with her past, Amalia Perez is ready to run. Michael Barrett is an investigative journalist who has made enemies in his quest for the truth. He also happens to be Sofia Sanchez's childhood best friend. And he is the target of an assassin who doesn't fail.

Amalia is caught in a juggling act - hiding her past from her coworkers, keeping her client alive, outsmarting an assassin who doesn't give up, and keeping her heart cold. This is one case that she just might not survive, especially when a tough, streetwise kid gets caught up in the case.

This is a book where one step ahead is a luxury and Phoenix K-9 can't seem to manage it. Is there a leak somewhere? Or is the assassin out to stop their client that good? Amalia wants answers so she can put this case behind her and start over once again.

Fast-paced action comes up against a moral dilemma in this newest addition to the Guardians Unleashed series, which is set in Minneapolis. Will the truth prevail? Or will it stay buried under years of deception?

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion ~ All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
A K-9 protection team.
 An assassin. 
Only one can survive.

An assassin is on the loose in the Twin Cities, aiming to kill FBI witnesses the Phoenix K-9 Security and Detection Agency is hired to protect. Rogue CIA agent Amalia PĂ©rez and her protection K-9 must get the edge on this deadly opponent before he kills her childhood best friend—the only man who knows her true identity.

Investigative journalist Michael Barrett can’t believe his eyes when the woman he’s spent years searching for walks back into his life. But he soon fears the woman he loved is lost forever beneath the secrets Amalia wears like armor.

As the assassin closes in, Amalia will risk anything to keep Michael safe—anything except believing in the God he trusts. When the layers of deception become as dangerous as bullets, can Amalia and Michael uncover the truth in time to stop the assassin from completing his lethal mission?

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