The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip ~ Review

The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip
By Sara Brunsvold

Clara Kip is dying, but she's not about to do so lying down. Nope, she has an appointment that needs to be met before she's ready to do so. But first, she has to convince a young reporter that sometimes the most important story is one that you need to discover for yourself.

Aidyn Kelley is ready to break out of the shadows and become a feature reporter rather than one that goes uncredited. But rookie reports aren't made for features, and Aidyn is about to learn that the hard way when she makes a muddle of everything and gets an assignment that is surely the absolute worst. She is tasked with writing the obituary for a dying woman - worse, she has to go to the facility where the woman is waiting to die.

But Mrs. Kip proves to be something that Aidyn was not expecting. But she has questions to run through and no time to listen until she does. Clara Kip might declare that she was and is a person of no importance, but there is more to the story than anyone knows.

The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip is both lovely and heartbreaking. The deaths in the title have two meanings - the deaths that Mrs. Kip experienced in her own life and the deaths that come out of Aidyn and Clara's conversations. Mrs. Kip's love and compassion make her both endearing and for those who weren't ready for her style of care an annoyance.  The present-day portion of this story is set in 2016, while Mrs. Kip's back story is told in key moments starting in 1969 until 1983.  This is the story of a woman who lived her life like a warrior, who fought for what she believed in until she could fight no more. Don't be surprised if you are moved to tears. as several of the scenes are so well-written that one can feel the character's pain and loss.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion - all thoughts expressed are my own

About the Book:

Frustrated reporter Aidyn Kelley begrudgingly agrees to help a hospice patient prepare her obituary. But old Clara Kip has some incredible stories—and some surprises up her sleeve—that promise to make this seemingly throwaway assignment a life-changing one.

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