The Baker and the Wolf ~ Review

The Baker and the Wolf
A Villians Ever After #10
By J.M. Stengl

Cerise DuBois works in her family's bakery, there's some magic ~ magic of which she has no hand in. She can almost always be found out of doors in a distinctive scarlet red cloak that should draw attention to her but somehow hasn't. In fact, she's never gotten the attention of any man until a handsome stranger enters her bakery. A stranger shrouded in mystery and one whom her mother would most decidedly disapprove of.   

Soon everything Cerise thought she knew about herself is cast into doubt, especially when she meets her estranged grandmother who possesses magical abilities. Could the life she's always known be a lie? 

What follows is a story of romance, self-discovery, and a fight for the truth and survival. The Baker and the Wolf is a delightful fairytale-retelling told from the other side of the tale, offering hope for the villain and a second chance to get it right and be something more than they have been. A lovely short read at less than 200 pages, well maybe not that short, but it is an easy read and appropriate for readers in my opinion older tweens/young teens and up.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion - All thoughts expressed are my own.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

About the Book:
A mysterious stranger, an enchantress grandmother, and an overprotective mother. 
Can Cerise trust any of them?

Cerise DuBois might as well be invisible. Not even her scarlet cloak attracts male interest, and her mother begins to despair of snaring a husband for a boring middle daughter with no magic ability. If not for her baking talents, Cerise would be a hopeless burden on the family.

Or so she believes until a dark man with eyes like gold appears in the family bakery to deliver an invitation from a grandmother she has never met . . . and the real trouble begins. What if everything Cerise believes about herself and her family is false?

Unlike other men, the stranger gives Cerise his undivided attention, yet he has a habit of vanishing when she needs him most—for example when a huge black dog (surely it can’t be a wolf) follows her through the city park.

Worst of all, he claims that if she follows the magical path to her enchantress grandmother’s cottage, her entire world will change. Should Cerise trust this fascinating foreign mage, or will he eat her alive?

The Baker and the Wolf is one of twelve short novels in A Villain's Ever After, a collection of standalone stories featuring villainous twists on some of your favorite classic fairytales. Read the series in any order for magical adventures . . . and fall in love with villains as you’ve never seen them before.
 Who said villains can’t have happily-ever-afters? 

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