Letters from the Dragon's Son ~ Review

Letters from the Dragon's Son
The White Wolf #2
By Tammy Lash

Jonathan Gudwyne has returned to the land of Izzy's birth but tragedy and heartbreak continue to dog his every step. What's worse his health is suffering - the sins of the past have destroyed it and his peace of mind. But for both Jonathan and Izzy they must face the pain and heartbreak of their pasts before they can find healing.

This book is really hard to describe without giving away key parts of the story and in my opinion ruining it for fellow readers. But I can say that this builds upon what came before, in the first book of the series - White Wolf and the Ash Princess. And I can't stress enough that you have to read the first book to truly appreciate and grasp what is happening in this book. I'd say what I took away from this book as the underlying thread/thought is that one must forgive. Holding onto hate, grief, fear, and disgust doesn't hurt the person you are holding it against as much as it hurts you. Even if you feel fully justified in these feelings they will destroy you - consuming you from within. That isn't to say that forgiveness is easy to bestow but it is necessary to move on and heal, to remove the restraints of the past upon your heart, mind, and soul. Forgiveness is a choice and one that often requires strength and bravery to complete.

There are several key emotional moments that will touch and move you so a box of tissues nearby might prove useful.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a read that is outside of the normal while offering outstanding characters, settings, and plotline. 

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations bur that I offer my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Series: The White Wolf #2 Publisher: White Wolf Publishing Release Date: October 14, 2020 Genre: Inspirational Fiction/General Fiction/Historical Fiction/Romance /Christian Fiction 2021 Selah Awards Finalist!
A father… 
A son… 
and the dragon they became.
One head: Malevolent, attired in barbs and spines, took pleasure in decimating the forested village. Avery, formerly White Boar, wanders the forests seeking forgiveness from the people he sold into slavery, but is repentance payment enough? Righteous, with two horns on each side, tried to calm the evil one’s violent ambition. More servant than son, Jonathan Gudwyne, had been powerless to stop his father from taking the Men of the Forest into captivity. As a man, White Wolf reverses the damage he and his father caused by returning the Natives home. Jonathan gains honor and worship, but what does he do with the remains of his past? Justice has yet to be served to the dragon. Should Jonathan be the one who administers the sentence to his wandering father? To himself? The two heads formed Brinsop, whose iron talons wrought chaos…. Can a man change? Can a broken family be made whole again? If one head is destroyed can the other survive?

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