Heartless Hette ~ Review

Heartless Hette
Hearth and Bard Tales #3
By M.L. Farb

Princess Hette is expected to marry someone who is titled and able to rule her kingdom. Well, Princess Hette is so not going to trade the life she has under her father for one under a husband. One suitor is different from the others - he offers Hette his heart but instead, he steals hers. With a spell compelling her to fall under the sorcerer's influence, Hette has no choice but to seek out her heart.

With the court fool and a village healer as her companions, Hette sets out to find her stolen heart. There are countless perils that are between them and Hette's heart. And their greatest challenge is that time is against them.

What I liked most was seeing how Hette changed as they pressed forward. She became more human, seeing people for who they were rather than what they did. These weren't easy lessons for her to learn and along the way she just may discover the power of laughter and friends.

This is the third book in the Hearth and Bard Tales. Now each story can be read and enjoyed as a standalone title. The storyteller who opens and closes each book is what ties the books together. There are several fairytale elements at play throughout the book that are well presented. I really love reading these books they are excellent reading and I highly recommend them all. Each is so different it would be hard to pick a favorite. I loved Konrad, who as the Court Fool was so invaluable, Demuth who was Hette's maid had a heart of gold, and then Peter a spell-bound frog - without them, Hette and the story would have been sadly lacking so much depth.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion all thoughts expressed are my own..
About the Book:
Come to Germania, where a clockwork heart rules and a fool advises
-- and a laugh can bring both to their knees.

When Princess Hette refuses a sorcerer's proposal, he retaliates by stealing her heart--literally. Desperate to resist his influence, Hette makes herself emotionless, stifling all feelings until she can find her heart and win it back.

The Court Fool is the only one who knows where to find the sorcerer, and he has his own curse to battle.

Riddles and magic plague their path, but if Hette can't find the sorcerer in time, her heart will be the least of her losses.

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