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The Billionaire's Sons ~ Review with Author Q&A

The Billionaire's Sons
Sayid Royal Family Drama #5
By Julie L. Spenser

This book is broken into four parts telling the story of the Cohen family. A family of privilege who are trying to find and make a place for themselves in the world. The book opens with the Cohen family having 5 sons who each behave differently to the privileges of being the sons of a billionaire. The eldest two feel it is their duty to party and carouse as hard and as often as they are able to walk - even if the walk is a drunken stagger. The youngest brother, Jacob is still a teen and watching his brothers so not yet a worry to his parents. Nick is the fourth brother and is determined to follow his father's teaching. He avoids drinking, bedding women, and other such offensive behavior and he has become his father's right-hand man where the family business is concerned. Middle son Sam is caught between everything though he tends to lean more towards Nick's behavior than that of Lyle and Liam.

As the story progresses we discover that actions have consequences. Greed is a divisive tool and the Cohen family is about to be torn apart by it. Can wounds be healed? Or will this family forever be torn apart? This book covers more than twenty years and though it sounds daunting it isn't as long a read as it sounds or at first glance appears. 

Overall the story was fairly good. My only issue was that this book was promoted as a Clean Romance and the reason I agreed to review it. I'm not comfortable saying that this is a clean read - there wasn't any on-page sex but it was more than once implied as occurring between various characters. If this was a movie it would fall into the PG-13 category so I'd probably skip it if it didn't have a ClearPlay filter. (I admit it I'm a prude - my mom has said as much on more than one occasion to me.) But if you are a reader who doesn't have squirm issues with these types of scenes you will most likely LOVE this book. The author's writing is presented well and well-paced so I have no issue with this book other than my own personal reading preferences.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion all thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Four love stories, Six brothers, and the Inheritance that tears them apart.

The esteemed businessman, Nicholas Cohen, attempts to win the heart of his childhood sweetheart, Adele, despite his older brother ruining their wedding.

Meanwhile, his younger brother, Sam, impatiently waits for the girl of his dreams, Leanne, to finish her master’s degree hoping to whisk her away to a far-off land to complete her PhD.

Their younger brother, Jacob, falls for the captain’s daughter, Maryam, on a superyacht bound for the Caribbean, much to their parents’ dismay.

One generation later, Emanuel elopes with a not-too-much-older woman, Aloise, three months after high school, less than 24-hours after they meet only to discover he’s married to the enemy.

About the author: 

Julie L. Spencer is a bestselling romance author of over twenty-two gritty clean books with snarky, flawed characters, and romantic twists and turns. A scientist by day and moonlighting as an author, Julie is an indoor girl with very little desire to step away from her computer. She loves her books and her characters almost as much as she loves her kitten.

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Author Q/A

1) Why did you decide to write your books? 

My imaginary friends won’t shut up until I write down their stories.

2) What was the most difficult thing about writing your books? 

Wanting desperately for readers to like my stories.

3) Where do you get your inspiration? 

My religious convictions to maintaining the laws of chastity and healthy living such as avoiding drugs and alcohol.

4) How do you get your creative writing juices flowing? 

I have an instrumentals playlist that I’ve been listening to for so long that just putting on my headphones triggers my brain to start writing.

5) Do you base your fictional characters on real people you know? 

Sometimes, probably a lot more than I realize. The people in our lives affect us and change us whether we know it or not. They will inevitably pop up into our stories.

6) What do you think makes a great story? 

If the story keeps readers turning pages. If a story makes someone cry, laugh, and/or stay up half the night, you know you’ve created a great story.

7) What are you currently working on? 

I’m just finishing publication of my Sayid Royal Family Saga, a five-book story with a cool twist. I’m also working on a spin-off story from that series called Honorary Prince, and I just finished writing the eighth book in my All’s Fair in Love and Sports Series, called Matching You with Love, which I co-wrote with Audi Lynn Anderson. It’s about a tennis player who’s trying to match up her friends with the cute guy next door when what she really should be doing is admitting she has feelings for him. Cute story.

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