An Unlikely Courtship ~ Review with Interview and Giveaway

An Unlikely Courtship
Regency House Party: Somerstone #2
By Heidi Kimball

Lord Anthony has a reputation as a bit of a rogue, leaving broken hearts in his wake but never his own. When the Countess Du'Breven surprises him with an invitation to a house party at her Somerstone Estate he is more than willing to put off returning home and seeing his father. He sees the next few weeks filled with some flirtatious interludes.

Isabel Townshend sees the upcoming house party as a chance to change her family's dismal financial situation. With her father's fragile health she hopes to be aided by Countess Du'Breven in her plan to elevate her sister Anne's own prospects. But when their carriage has an unfortunate incident she has a chance meeting with Lord Anthony that casts him in an unfavorable light in her opinion.  Lord Anthony finds himself intrigued by this young lady who seems determined to keep him and his flirtatious ways far away.

An Unlikely Courtship is a fun addition to the Regency House Party series. Isabel and Anthony are an excellent match in the eyes of the Countess but whether they see one another in such a light will depend on a great many things - the first seeing past their first impressions of one another.

This is a series that is joined by location Somerstone and characters that cross from one book to the other ~ but each is a stand-alone book that can readily be read in whatever order you wish. Each book is authored by a different author and in this case, it is by Heidi Kimball. Each book focuses on a different cast of main characters while interacting with the other background characters so it is fun seeing how each story plays out and weaves into the other.

If you are looking for a diversionary read and love Regency era manners give the Regency House Party in Somerstone and An Unlikely Courtship a read. But beware scandal is just one misstep away and all could be lost. A perfect weekend read to escape with. This is a gentle clean read that you won't mind sharing.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through SLB Book Tours with no expectations but to offer my honest thoughts ~ all opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Series: Regency House Party
Genre:  Adult, Historical, Regency, Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication date: September 9, 2018
One can only be careless with so many hearts 
before he ends up breaking his own.
Lord Anthony is an outrageous flirt with a devil-may-care attitude. The last thing on his mind is settling down. When the Countess Du’Breven invites him to her house party, promising to see him married, Anthony finds the prospect diverting and accepts. But when he meets a damsel in distress unwilling to accept his help, Anthony realizes his attraction to her may be his downfall.
Isabel Townshend is at her breaking point, caring for her ailing father and her innocent younger sister. She has a family secret to protect and no time for handsome young men, even at a house party with so many eligible bachelors. When Lord Anthony disturbs her well-laid plans, Isabel realizes her determination to protect her family may cost her future happiness.

With hearts at odds and defenses drawn, will Isabel and Anthony be able to put aside their differences and find love at last?

An Unlikely Courtship is one of five books set in the Regency House Party Series. While each is a stand-alone story, watch our characters mingle together with others from the books in the series. The stories can be read in any order.

About the Author

2-Heidi Kimball
At a young age Heidi perfected the art of hiding out so she could read instead of doing chores. One husband and four children later, not much has changed. She has an abiding love for peanut butter M&Ms, all things fall, and any book that can make her forget she is supposed to be keeping her children alive.

Heidi currently lives just north of Boston, in a charming old town in southern New Hampshire.

Author Interview:
1) Who is your favorite comfort read author?

This is such a hard question, but I might have to say Rebecca Connolly. Her writing always just pulls me right in and I love her characters.

2) What do you most like about the Regency era?

I love how subtle everything is - dialogue, flirtation, touch. So little means so much, you just have to read between the lines.

3) What one author past or present would you like to mentor you?

Jane Austen, most definitely. She was so great at nailing human nature and really creating amazing characters so many people have connected with.

4) How do develop your setting (a photo, a trip, a random comment)?

So many ways. Sometimes it’s a line in a song, sometimes it’s a scene from a movie. But I love building a scene so that my reader can see what I’m envisioning in my mind.

5) If you could share a cup of tea (or coffee) with anyone who would it be?

Hard one! Right now, I might say my sisters. We all live super far apart and I don’t get to see them near enough.

6) Do you have a favorite Regency period author that you would recommend?

Well, besides Austen? Definitely Georgette Heyer. She’s a master and her books are SO MUCH FUN. Frederica is one of my favorites.

7) Who is your favorite character in your book?

I’d probably have to say Isabel. I love her sassiness and her fierce loyalty toward her family. I think both of those things are what really get Anthony’s heart into trouble.

8) What is your favorite thing about writing?

I love creating something that can bring someone else some enjoyment. It’s fun to think about people I’ve never met enjoying my book, just the way I’ve enjoyed reading so many.


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