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Life and Lessons from a Young Author ~ Review with Interview

The Life and Lessons of a Young Author
By Sunayna Prasad

This booklet is a quick read at just 19 pages. The author is offering tips from her writing experiences and though there are some tips that are useful they can get lost in the back story of her experiences.

First off listen to criticisms of your writing they'll help smooth out the issues and the jagged edges. The author also makes it clear that self-publication is her choice for getting her books out before the public as she has more control over all aspects of it which could be a good thing or not especially when it comes to the flow and structure of your words.

The author's seeming aversion to reading is not a good stance for someone who is a writer - if everyone had this same view she would have no audience. Writers need to have a fondness for reading as it broadens their palate and allows them to explore what is out there and get inspiration.

Though the writing is not the strongest there are some helpful tips that can be taken away from this work. As the writer says she is a young author and she is on a life-long journey that will be an improvement with each new work. This work seems to me to be an autobiographical critique of her earlier works and the mistakes that she wants others to avoid as they embark on their own journeys.

I was provided a digital copy of this work by the author through iRead Book Tours with no expectations but an honest review - all opinions expressed are my own.

Author Interview:

1) What one thing do you hope others will take away from your book?

The lessons I teach as a young author as well as some original comparisons and a method I came up with.

2) What author, past or present, would you like to mentor you?

Maybe Stephen King or Alice Hoffman.

3) When not writing you state you like to cook. What is your favorite recipe?

Vanilla and chocolate spiral cookies.

4) What one question would you like to be asked and how would you answer it?

That question would be what are your writing goals and my answer would be to write more quickly, but thoroughly and publish my fiction series before I’m 30.
Book Title:  The Life and Lessons of a Young Author by Sunayna Prasad
Category:  YA Non-fiction, 19 pages
Genre:  Writing
Publisher:  Amazon KDP
Tour dates: Aug 13 to 31, 2018
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Whether you are young or old, The Life and Lessons of a Young Author can offer those who dream of finding the right path in the world of writing and publishing. Sunayna Prasad shares her experience as a young author and discusses what went well for her and what she suggests to those who long for success. 
Talking about her life as a published writer, Sunayna Prasad teaches you the rules of the writing craft and the standards of the publishing world, as well as additional tips and tricks. The Life and Lessons of a Young Author can help you choose your own writing and publishing paths.

Sunayna Prasad
Meet the Author:

Sunayna Prasad has been writing since she was six. She continues to write fiction and non-fiction today and has even won a Pacific Book-Review award. She lives in New York, and when not writing, likes to create art and cook.

Connect with Sunayna: Website ~ Facebook 


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