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chasing the windTitle: Chasing the Wind
Author: Paula Scott
West Butte Publishing
Release Date:
March 20, 2018
Genre: Inspirational Historical Fiction
About the Book:

A beautiful, half-Indian girl raised by the Californios finds her fate intertwined with an American frontiersman haunted by his past in 1850 California.
As California comes to statehood amidst the madness of the gold rush, Isabella Vasquez must wed a buckskin-clad American who wins her in a card game. Though their union is passionate, Isabella soon finds herself abandoned in a brothel, where she rises to fame as a singer known as the Bluebird. Yet because of her Indian blood, the Bluebird will always be bought and sold in the white man’s world. When more is demanded of the Bluebird than just singing, Isabella flees to Fort Ross in search of her Russian father and her own race of people.
Peter Brondi has battled Indians all his life. The last thing he wants is a half-Indian wife. While taming the West with Kit Carson and John C. Fremont, Peter has fought the Mexican War and lost his beloved fiancĂ©e, Maggie, to his half-Indian brother, Paul. To satisfy his father’s dying wish, Peter vows to find his brother and put an end to the hate that’s between them. But when history repeats itself and Paul steals Isabella away, Peter must come to terms with his past and the animosity he holds against all Indians, including his half-brother and the wife he has forsaken.

*Chasing the Wind is the final story in the sweeping saga of California Rising, a tale of love, betrayal, and the ties that bind brothers together and California to the nation.

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paula scott

Paula began her writing career as a civilian contracted to write for the United States Air Force’s newspaper and magazines. Later, she wrote feature stories for a daily California newspaper. A fifth-generation Californian, Paula’s great great grandmother came to California in a covered wagon and married a California farmer. Paula’s family has been farming ever since. Paula works on her family’s farm, writes historical fiction, and blogs about life, love, and farming at psbicknell.com

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“I’m sorry for the man I’ve been. I feared and hated Indians all my life because of what I’ve seen them do. I treated you poorly on account of your Indian blood. I’d never have treated a white woman the way I treated you. I’m sorry.”

She was the first woman to see him shed a tear. It unleashed something in Peter he’d never felt before. Raw vulnerability. Never in his life had he been afraid of dying. But he was afraid of living honest and open this way before God and Belle.

“Dios will help us,” she said hopefully.

“Yes, God will help us,” he agreed.

A smile curved her lips even as she cried.

It was God who gave him the resolve to stand before Belle with tears on his face. His old self never would have stood for that. Never would he have let her or anyone else see that kind of softness in him. His heart swelled with gratitude. He knew something profound had just happened between God and them.

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