David Travels to the Past ~ Review and Giveaway

David Travels to the Past
By Gonzalo Martínez de Antoñana
       and María José Mosquera

This book has two stories that explore the origins of art. Each story is set in a different time thats very uniqueness shaped art then and even in a small measure now.

The Rock Painters
Art of the Upper Paleolithic Period

David is determined to learn all there is about art and his tutor Master Messina comes up with an ingenious plan to help David learn.  Traveling back to prehistoric times in an unique manner David is transported to the beginnings of art. 

But a fun art lesson turns into something more when David and Master Messina join up with a group of prehistoric hunters who in their movements bring them into the LasCaux caves. David and Messina take part in the day-to-day lives of the ancient artists who were hunters of what they painted.

The Babylonians
The Art of Mesopotamia

In their second adventure into the past of art David, Master Messina and Angela travel into the time of the Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian people hoping to learn all they can about the art of Mesopotamia. And when David makes a comment about wanting to learning the beginnings of Mesopotamian art the three are taken into the past by a most unexpected guide to the Ninive Library! 

But the chance to hunt with Assurbanipal draws David while the library lures Messina and Angela to its treasures of knowledge. But the origins that they are searching for can't be found here so when a little help they again change times seeking the assistance of Hammurabi in their quest. The art of the Mesopotamians took many forms painting, etching, sculptures, and even the architecture. Along the way they learn about the rulers, myths and gods of the time that helped shape the culture and the art. 

This Graphic Novel will capture the attention of readers with the 2 stories. Entertaining while educating in a subtle manner the early art movements that have had a lasting impact on art through the ages. Reluctant readers will enjoy this book at 72 pages it will hold their attention through both stories.

I received this book free of charge from the publisher all opinions expressed are my own.

Book Description:

David is a young and restless apprentice painter who wants to know everything about painting. His intelligent teacher, the Master Messina, invents a way of transporting David through time to prehistory. They go there looking for the origins of art, but once they are there nothing will be as they thought.

In a second adventure they travel towards the unknown art of Mesopotamia. This time they won´t go alone. The sympathetic and intelligent Angela will travel to the past with them bringing her particular point of view.

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Author and Illustrator:

María José is a teacher. She won international illustrations awards.
Gonzalo has a degree in art history. He works in museums and as a tourist guide.

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