Sunborn Rising ~ Review and Giveaway

Sunborn Rising
Beneath the Fall
By Aaron Safronoff

Barra wants to know the father she never had a chance of knowing. But learning who he was may set her on the very path he was on when he was lost to them forever.

Something is wrong with the Great Forest, a darkness has been slowly working its way up through the treescape. The dangerous Creepervine that they had left behind in the Roots has spread. When Barra finds the journals that her father left behind that chronicled his discoveries she's determined to continue his search.

Her father's evidence was ignored by the Elders, evidence that he lost his life for and she's got a plan, with the help of her friends Tory and Plicks, Barra is determined to complete what her father started.  She just didn't realize just how far it would take her and what it would cost her.

Be prepared to enter a world unlike any you have ever experienced.  Dangers can lurk around any tree. And betrayal could come from anyone. An ancient truth has been hidden and forgotten, but sometimes one has to go to the beginning to ensure there is a future. And every choice has a price that must be paid it just a question of who and when.

This is a work of fantasy that though directed towards the YA reader will delight any fan of fantasy 12 and up in my opinion. Something about this book made me think of Journey to the Center of the Earth and the Spiderwick Chronicles, I believe it is the mystery of what lies beyond that gives this feel. The unknown has driven those who live in the loft to this upper level, but learning the truths of the unknown may be their only hope of surviving.

This is a highly recommended book that I would have no problem offering to both friends and family. I also feel that this book will appeal to both boys and girls and be a perfect family read-together selection. That the author already has a second book in the works is something for which all Sunborn Rising readers can anticipate.

Throughout this book there is artwork to help the reader imagine the world one now finds oneself drawn into.  There are simple black and white line drawings and even more impressive full color illustrations.

I was provided a copy of this book through iRead Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

"Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall is the best vivid fantasy YA book of the year." 

--Entrada Publishing

On a distant world of forests floating on an ocean around a star,
a blight threatens to plunge all life into darkness.
But three friends seek the light.
Together, they will Fall and be lost.
And at the very Root of darkness, they will find themselves.
But will it be enough to help them find their way home?

The world of Cerulean

Light and water flow from the ocean into the roots of the Great Trees, up through the boughs, and out over the lush canopy. But the once vibrant treescape has grown dim over generations of arboreal life, and the creatures of the forest have forgotten the light.

Barra, a young, willful Listlespur, finds her late father's hidden journal, and reads about the old world and the mysterious plague her father believed destroyed it. He wrote that he warned the Elders. He urged them to take action. Those were his last words.

Together with her two best friends, Barra will explore every bark, wood, and leaf of the Great Forest to relight her world and complete her father's story, even if she has to travel beneath the Fall.

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Author's Bio:

Aaron Safronoff is author of the Discovery Award winning science fiction novel, Spire. Since his debut, he's published a sequel, Fallen Spire, and a novella of literary fiction, Evening Breezes.
Safronoff's diverse background includes the formal study of computer science, bio-chemistry, and culinary arts. However, most of his career has been in the videogame industry in quality, production, and design.

Today, Safronoff is the co-founder and Chief Storyteller of Neoglyphic Entertainment, and is busy writing his fifth novel, the second installment of the Sunborn Rising series.

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Book Trailer:

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Giveaway Prizes:

1. Five winners will each receive a signed hardback copy of Sunborn Rising 
AND a free signed CD of the original musical soundtrack (open to USA only)

2. One winner will also win a 16’x20’ high quality (giclĂ©e) printed piece of the 
original art on canvas, signed by author Aaron Safronoff as well as Christopher 
Chamberlain the Art Director (valued at $100) – open to USA only

3. Ten winners will each get a gifted Kindle copy of Sunborn Rising with a 
$10 Amazon gift card AND a free digital download of the original musical 
soundtrack (open international)

Giveaway ends Aug 6, 2016.

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Sunborn Rising was recently honored by winning an art award(more here). This picture is in the book and the art is stunning as you can see.

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