CSFF September Blog Tour ~ Rebels Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the CSFF September Blog Tour
featuring Rebels by Jill Williamson.
The Safe Lands 3
By Jill Williamson

When Captives ended Mason and Omar were about to be liberated and no one knew what liberation meant short of death. Shaylinn and Ciddah had been rescued from General Otley and Lawten Renzor.

And Mason and Omar are about to be liberated.  Liberation is not what anyone expected.  Good news Mason and Omar are not dead. Bad news they are separated from their family and friends.  And they have to do hard labor in dangerous conditions.  By helping Ciddah Mason made an enemy of Renzor, who is determined that Mason will continue to pay for his error.  Omar is still Omar and even in his liberated state he can still find trouble.  But liberation has a few surprises in store in the form of the formerly liberated.  

Meanwhile those Outsiders who have manage to align themselves with the Naturals (aka Kindred) have hidden themselves beneath the city.  But differences of opinion are sure to arise among this vast and varied group of individuals who feel strongly about their beliefs. 

Can the lies that the Safe Lands has been perpetuating for years be revealed?  Or have the lies been so firmly embedded into the Safe Lands way of life that they will never believe the truth?

But help comes in an unexpected form.  And this could be the catalyst to change the future and allow the Safe Lands to open their gates.

I still don't like Levi - he just sort of grates on one's nerves.  He's of the opinion that he is right and everyone else needs to fall in with his thinking.  Fortunately he meets someone among the Kindred who could very well give him a run in the superior attitude he has.

Omar still draws my sympathy, though he is in definite need of an intervention (which just may happen).  Mason is still my favorite brother.

I think as far as characters go Shaylinn grew the most throughout the series.  I will miss them all and hope that at some point in the future we may revisit this land as they recreate what they once had.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Blink in conjunction with this CSFF blog tour in exchange for my participation and my honest review.

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