Star of Deliverance ~ Review

Star of Deliverance
By Mandy Madson Voisin

Emi was born a slave simply because she is Savian - her mother executed for treason minutes after her birth.  She's spent her life with Cen the healer of her village and she has been trained in the healing arts.  But when an long forgotten disease makes its way into her village Emi and Cen are powerless to stop it.

With her last hope of a cure lying within the palace gates Emi sets off on a journey that is about to change her life.  The palace is heavily guarded and impossible to access, until Emi stumbles upon a procession of young women preparing to walk unimpeded through the gates.

When she manages to slip into this group of young women Emi discovers that she has just joined a select group from which Prince Corban of Deshan will choose his future queen.  Worse Emi will be locked within the palace grounds for one year unless she can find a way to escape.  But how can she find the cure for a dreaded disease and escape in time?  Emi is determined to figure it out, but in the meantime she needs to learn how to behave and think like a queen while hiding her true identity.

But what Emi discovers in a plot to destroy her people, a plot that could result in her immediate execution if her true identity is discovered.  And then there is Prince Corban the man whose heart she is suppose to be trying to win.  But can she keep her own heart safe?  Can she save a people for whom she is the only hope?

Star of Deliverance is a beautiful story based on the life of Esther.  Never read the story of Esther? You will still fall in love with this story of love and sacrifice!

I was provided a digital ARC of this book by Cedar Fort in exchange for my honest review and tour particpation

About the book:
Born a slave and outcast, the young healer Emi discovers an ancient disease spreading among her people. Desperate, she races to the Capital for a cure and unwittingly finds herself in a competition to win over the Crown Prince’s heart. Staying in the game provides time to search for a cure, but it may cost Emi her life—or her heart.

About the author:
Mandy Voisin is a wife, marketer, and author. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in English. Her parents told her she’d never make a living with an English degree, so she’s dedicated the rest of her life to proving them wrong. She loves poetry and babies and her sisters. Mandy currently resides in Phoenix, Ariz., with her husband Kevin who is a sleep deprived medical student with a heart of gold and the world’s best smile. Together they chip away at their dreams.

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