CSFF August Blog Tour ~ Merlin's Nightmare Day 3

~ Welcome to the Third and Final Day 
of the CSFF August Blog Tour ~

This month's featured book is Merlin's Nightmare
which is the concluding book in The Merlin Spiral series

Merlin's Nightmare
The Merlin Spiral #3
By Robert Treskillard

Merlin has kept his identity a secret.  For years he has hidden his face from the public eye, wearing a mask that covers his scars.  Scars that would reveal his identity to Vortigern should even a whisper touch his ear.

And if Merlin was revealed, Arthur's identity would be revealed as well.  An identity that Arthur is unaware of.  Even his name is hidden from him, as he has been called Artorius for as far back as his memory will take him.

But Arthur and Merlin's safety and indeed all of Britons is about to be threatened in a way that Merlin hoped and prayed would never come. His half-sister Ganieda, known as Morgana, is about to strike, bringing with her, her beloved wolves.  But her wolves are no longer the beasts that hunted Merlin in his youth. These wolves have been perverted through the darkness of the Druid power that Morgana wields.  (Think wolf/human cross and you get the picture - though not the total evilness behind it)

Morgana is manipulating both Merlin and Arthur towards her ultimate goal - a goal that no one saw coming... And Morgana is willing to sacrifice all those she controls to obtain her goals.  Love is an unknown in her heart and it obvious that her hate for Merlin has grown in intensity in the years since their last encounter.

There is loss that will test both Merlin and Arthur and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the new upcoming series from Robert Treskillard The Pendragon Spiral.  A little hint  "HC SVNT DRACONES!" "Here be Dragons!" Highlight the blank section for a translation if you want your hint in English rather than Latin!

I highly recommend this book and the entire series for fans of any of the following: Merlin, King Arthur, Historical Fiction, Action, and Fantasy Fiction.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in conjunction with this CSFF blog tour in exchange for my participation and my honest review.

Click to learn more about Robert Treskillard or purchase Merlin's BladeMerlin's Shadow, or Merlin's Nightmare.

Be sure to come back next month for Rebels and be sure to visit the other tour participants who will be sharing their thoughts throughout this 3 day tour (August 25-27, 2014)

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