CSFF March Blog Tour ~ Draw of Kings Day 1

Welcome to the first day of March's CSFF Blog Tour.

This month's book is A Draw of Kings by Patrick Carr.  This is the third book in The Staff and The Sword series.

But before taking a look at book 3 I'd like to recap the series:

A Cast of Stones
The Staff and The Sword Book 1
By Patrick W. Carr

A Cast of Stones is Errol Stone's story.  It opens with a young man who is a drunk and has been since he was 14 years old.  A tragic lost destroyed him and his image of himself and he turned to ale.  But when a simple task of delivering a message turns into a life and death struggle Errol's life is about to change forever.

In a series of events that threaten to end his life early Errol manages to survive.  But the question top-most on the minds of those most closely related to this lost young man is why would anyone be targeting him. Of what importance is Errol Stone an orphan with no skills but drinking ale?

But each experience strengthens Errol and allows him to grow as a person.

I was struck by the lust of power that drives the story.  The old statement power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely (and great men are almost always bad men.) seems to hold true for many of the characters.

The Hero's Lot
The Staff and The Sword Book 2
By Patrick W. Carr

What draws us to certain people and others just repulse us? It is a question that seems to follow Errol Stone.  For some reason unknown to Errol and those closest to him, he has enemies throughout the kingdom of Illustra.  But why would a young man who grew up in a small backwater town attract the attention of so many?

This what one hopes to discover at some point in this delightful attention grabbing series.  And of course one hopes that Errol will be able to marry the young woman who has captured his heart, but where matters of politics and power are concerned nothing is certain.  Especially when our hero has been accused and convicted of a crime so that his life might be saved only to be sent on a mission sure to result in the forfeiture of his life.  Alas Errol's troubles only continue to grow just as he continues to grow as person.

Time is short as the king's life draws to an end, but Errol's time is even shorter as a new compulsion is yet again placed on him to do the bidding of the church.  With his life and the lives of those nearest to him and the future of the very kingdom in the balance Errol must succeed or he will die.

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See you tomorrow for Day 2!

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