November CSFF Blog Tour ~ The Shadow Lamp Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of November's CSFF blog tour.  This month our focus is Stephen Lawhead's The Shadow Lamp, which is the fourth book in his Bright Empires series.  To fully comprehend and appreciate these books you need to read them all and in order.

The Shadow Lamp
Bright Empires # 4
By Stephen R. Lawhead

The nearer one is to the beginning of a line, the closer one seems to be in relation to its origin point in time.  ...but don't trust your life on it - there are too many exceptions.

Ley travel is imprecise, but it can be done to within a few days of when one wants to arrive, unless something goes wrong.  And as is often the case something does go wrong for several of our ley travelers.  But this is all part of the journey.  The journey to reach the Spirit Well that Kit discovered by accident when he was misdirected into the Stone Age.  But the Bone House is no longer accessible and a large tree is in its place.  And the gargantuan yew is channeling an enormous amount of energy from the ley in which it is growing.

Cassandra points out an amazing coincidence to Kit in that the yew tree is a symbol immortality and eternity and in a sense that is what they are searching for in the Spirit Well.  But little does Kit know that he may hold the answer to saving the Omniverse, the known and unknown, from complete and total annihilation!

Time from the first moments of Creation is at stake if the event that caused the imbalance is not found. The ever expanding universe is beginning to retract upon itself and time is growing short.  An act of Arthur Flinders-Petrie may destroy everything, and we will be alive to witness our own obliteration!

I have to admit I really enjoyed all the twists and turns that The Shadow Lamp took.  It answered some questions while creating new one and left me wondering how it can all possibly be wrapped up in one final book!  I found the suggestion that we (humanity) are the elusive dark energy/matter that scientists have been unable to locate a fascinating hypothesis.  Looking forward to book 5 and a most interesting and intriguing conclusion, I'm sure.

In Conjunction with this CSFF blog tour I was provided a copy of The Shadow Lamp by the publisher Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I agree; it's hard to see how it will be wrapped up in Book 5! Though maybe there can be a bit less explaining in that one, since it seems unlikely that someone would start with the last book of the series...I don't know!

  2. So glad you said this about wondering how the whole thing can be wrapped up in one more book. It seems that the story, like the omniverse, is expanding! LOL I don't want to see any of the story lines dropped or brushed over. For example, in this one, I finished and thought, but what about Giles and Lady Faythe? We are to wait, it seems, until next fall.


  3. I confess, I thought more of Douglas than Haven and Giles. Is that his end - deserved, unquestionably - or is he somehow going to come in for the conclusion?

    I was also surprised by the ending. The villains of the story are Douglas and Burleigh - but it may be Arthur Flinders-Petrie who undid the multiverse. Yet given the facts of the story, it makes sense.

  4. To be honest I was, I'll admit, shocked about Douglas but then he may show up again at an earlier time. And I want to know what happens with Haven and Giles, poor Giles.

    The whole Flinders-Petrie bloodline is problematic for the universe (multiverse or omniverse). So one has to wonder, do they have to die out therefore negating the entire series because there was no Skin Map to even be searching for because it was never preserved at Arthur's death. Just a thought....

    Thanks for the thoughts and for visiting.


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