CSFF April Blog Tour ~ Broken Wings Day 2

Broken Wings
Angel Eyes Trilogy Book 2
Shannon Dittemore

Brielle and Jake have become persons of interest to the Dark Prince and Damien has been given 14 days to bring them before the Prince at Danakil.

But something is happening in Stratus, Oregon and the past and the present seem about to collide in a battle that may forever change them all.    Brielle is having nightmares and the halo isn't preventing them from occurring. The halo flashes when Brielle touches hands with her father's new girlfriend Olivia Holt.  Her father has started drinking.  Jake is worried about something and he won't tell Brielle what he fears.  And she is hearing music - music that she can't explain.  And she is getting glimpses of the Celestial without the aid of the halo.

Somehow there is a connection between Olivia, Jake, and Brielle's mother.  Can they discover what it is before the light and darkness meet at Stratus?

As the danger surrounds them Brielle turns to prayer and her new found, growing faith.  Which is something we all should do.  Daily communication with our Lord and Savior is an important and vital aspect of faith.
Hebrews 11:1 KJV Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 
What greater way to give evidence of faith than to pray to a Savior whom our eyes cannot discern in the physical world, but through His creation.  The creation for which He gave His life so that we might have it for all eternity.  

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