Zero Separation ~ Review

 Zero Separation
By Philip Donlay

Michael Ross and Donovan Nash are piloting their Gulfstream IV The Spirit of da Vinci to West Palm Beach when they get caught in a thunderstorm that forces them to make an emergency landing in Boca Raton instead.  But when Michael is attacked while examining the outside of the plane for damage a chain of events is set into motion that could alter Donovan's life forever!  

A Gulfstream is stolen from Boca Raton and FBI Special Agent Ronnie Montero believes that Donovan with his connections and financial resources are the key to solving this case.  And Special Agent Montero is not going to let anyone or anything stop her, even Donovan.  Armed with information that could destroy everything Donovan holds dear, Montero forces him to assist her as Michael, the Ross family, and the Nash family are targeted by whoever Michael saw stealing the Gulfstream.  

But everyone that could give Donovan and Montero a clue as to whom they are after is killed and the killer is after them.  This case is about to get explosive and the United States is about to be targeted unless a madman is stopped before he unleashes a biological weapon that could kill millions.

But will the price of stopping a terrorist cost Donovan his family or his very life?  Zero Separation is intense and action filled as the minutes count down to the imminent attack.  Who will live and who will die?  Be sure to pick-up Zero Separation when it hits the bookshelves March 5, 2013.

I received a digital loan of this title from the publisher for the purpose of this review and expectations were made on this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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