October CSFF Blog Tour - The Spirit Well

Day #1 of the Spirit Well CSFF Blog Tour

The Universe is vast- more vast than most people can possible fathom.  There are billions of galaxies in our Universe alone.  In addition there an unknown number of dimensions as equally vast as our own Universe.  If you don't believe me just ask Kit Livingstone (if you can find him, that is!)

The Bright Empire series by Stephen R Lawhead opens with The Skin Map.  In this we are introduced to Cosimo "Kit" Christopher Livingstone who is about to begin the adventure of a lifetime.  Kit is about to follow his great-grandfather Cosimo Livingstone on a search for the Skin Map, a search that will span centuries and dimensions.  A search that could destroy everything in the omniverse if they accidently change history in just one dimension.

But what is this Skin Map and why is it so sought after?  The skin map was created by Arthur Flinders-Petrie as a series of various symbols tattooed upon his body that were turned into parchment upon his death.  The greatest of his various mapped symbols lead to the greatest of treasures - the Well of Souls.

But nothing is ever easy and Kit, his great-grandfather and the Questors are not the only ones seeking the map.  Burley and his men are seeking it too and he plans to use the power he would gain in untold evil.

But due to his inexperience Kit, Cosimo and Sir Henry have a secondary quest, to rescue Kit's girlfriend Wilhelmina "Mina" from whatever time/dimension she was pulled into.  But nothing ever goes as planned and the three are separated.  The Skin Map is filled with unexpected twists and turns up until the very end so that you are left wondering what comes next in The Bone House book 2.

Get ready to go on an adventure that will test your ability to adapt and prepare to grow your mind!  The unknown is greater than you ever imagined!

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The Skin Map (Bright Empires)  The Bone House (Bright Empires)  The Spirit Well (Bright Empires)


  1. Thanks for the writeup! I'm thinking about reading this book even though I've read 2 and 3.

  2. Question ... where did you get the "A search that could destroy everything in the omniverse if they accidently change history in just one dimension" idea from?

    I thought they were safe to change history because each place was actually a different dimension and on its own timeline?

    Just a question.

    1. I got this idea from page 122 of The Skin Map where Cosimo says the following:
      "Some change is unavoidable," Cosimo allowed. "Merely by your presence, you alter the present reality of the world you are visiting. But just remember that every change, however small, has consequences. If the universe is altered enough, the effects can ripple through the entire Omniverse."

      So this is where I got the idea from. It is not spelled out saying that everything would be destroyed, but the alterations across the Omniverse could destroy everything as they know it.


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