Eye of the Sword ~ Book Review ~ Blog Tour Day 3

Angelaeon Circle Book 2
By Karyn Henley

Though Trevin is about to be named comain of Camrithia his past haunts him and makes him feel unworthy of any notice. The night before being named comain by King Laetham, the king gives him an assignment – to discover the fate of the King's missing comains, seek wisdom from the Oracle at Windsweep, and extend an offer of alliance to the Eldarrans. But to complete these tasks he must leave Melia behind with a possible betrothal to Varic, Prince of the Dregmoors.
Along the way to the Oracle at Windsweep, Trevin comes upon a group of Eldarrans with Prince Resarian. When Trevin meets the Oracle, he tells the Oracle of the tasks he is to complete and asks how he may find what he seeks. But the Oracle instead asks Trevin what he himself seeks. When Trevin looks within himself he tells the Oracle that what he seeks is himself.

But when Trevin is accused of a crime against the thrones of Eldarra and Camrithia, can he survive long enough to complete his tasks?

As Trevin's danger increases can he discover the truth about himself that he seeks and restore what has been lost due to the treachery of Prince Varic and Lord Rejius.  Can Trevin pass the trial by the eye of the sword or will his past doom him forever?

Eye of the Sword is an exciting addition to the Angelaeon Circle. In a world where good and evil are trapped together can that which was destroyed be restored before the world is lost to the gash plague that is slowly spreading across it?

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