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Thoughts on Doubt with Giveaway and Trailer

CNN’s Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 
season 2 premieres at 9 PM ET/PT on March 5th 

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art scientific techniques and archaeological research, the
series will explore the following:
   The Childhood Home of Jesus
   The Tomb of King Herod
   The Bones of St. Peter
   Relics Believed To Shed Truth About Doubting Thomas
   The Pilate Stone
   The Tomb of Lazarus

A first-class panel of on-screen contributors from the world’s best universities including Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Oxford will provide expert comment.  The series will also feature insights from some of the world’s leading religious theologians and Christian leaders such as:
   Rev. A.R. Bernard (Christian Cultural Centre, New York)
   Erwin McManus (MOSAIC, Los Angeles)
   Father James Martin, SJ (Author, Jesus: A Pilgrimage)
   Bishop Minerva CarcaƱo (United Methodist Church)
   Dr. Ben Witherington III (Asbury Theological Seminary)
   Dr. Mark Goodacre(Duke University)
   Dr. Candida Moss (University of Notre Dame)


Are you a Doubting Thomas? 

When life is filled with challenges are you left wondering if your faith was misplaced? After all one has not personally observed with one's own eyes the Risen Lord. But that is where the strength of one's faith is tested and refined. 

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," Hebrews 11:1. Faith is a hope in the promise of a tomorrow that is never a guarantee in this life.  But we have the promise of a place being prepared for us in eternity. Our acceptance of this as truth to be fulfilled is proof of our faith. Faith is the substance that we need to believe.

Faith has been a powerful force within my own life in times of trouble when the light of day has been masked in the darkest hours of night.  The crush of night loses its grip with the promise of the coming dawn.  Faith is the faintest star that pierces the night and that is all that is needed to get through the night of your doubts. Seeing the wounds from the nails is not necessary to know that the promise of tomorrow is enough.  Faith is knowing that the troubles we face and live through are just a step to something greater - a life that is everlasting. 

All too often Thomas is shamed because he doubted, but all those who first saw Christ after his death were doubters before they saw and believed. Doubting is a part of our nature - but whether we allow these doubts to paralyze us or be the catalyst to a deeper faith is what we should instead focus on. Doubts force us to seek out answers.

Will you seek answers to your questions or will you turn back when difficulties arise? Persisting and pressing forward will allow your faith to grow and strengthen. 

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