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To Suit a Suitor ~ Review

To Suit a Suitor
By Paula Kremser

One rash promise could 
lead to two broken hearts...

Julia North has never been able to attract and hold a gentleman's attention for any amount of time and she is about to enter her third season much to her mother's chagrin. And this year it is imperative that she have an offer of marriage - her mother's future happiness depends on both Julia and her sister Harriet marrying soon.

But once again Julia finds herself disappointed when yet another suitor finds another lady to better suit him. For the life of her Julia cannot determine what is wrong with her that she can't get an offer of marriage. When an unexpected chance to escape London society presents itself Julia convinces her mother that this might be the very thing to help her. But Julia's escape comes with a price - at the end of two months she will accept the attentions of a man of her mother's choosing and marry him with nary a word of protest.

Finally Julia feels free to be herself and when the Baron of Eldridge Henry Chamberlain pays her flattering attentions she refuses him. Julia is determined to not be lead astray by any man's passing attentions, but Henry seems determined to spend time with her.  But Julia isn't about to join the line of young ladies wishing to capture the heart of the eligible heir. But how do avoid someone who seems to always be nearby? Julia is about find out.

Fans of Jane Austen will delight in this newest offering from Paula Kremser. And anyone who enjoyed her previous book Sophia will not be disappointed in this sweet book that takes you into the trials of London society and the unexpected joys that could be found outside of the expectations of society when the heart was the guide rather than wealth and title.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a review positive or otherwise - all expressed opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Don't set your sights on him.
             It will only lead to heartache...
Much to her mother’s annoyance, Julia North can’t catch a husband. Nearing the end of her third London season, Julia is jilted. Again! Constantly wondering what it is about her that drives the gentlemen away, Julia leaves London to visit a distant cousin for a couple of months. She is hoping to forget about husband hunting for a time, but she inadvertently finds herself in competition for Henry Chamberlain, the most desirable gentleman in Somersetshire. Marriage wouldn’t seem so detestable if she could marry him. But every young lady has the same dream of capturing his attention, so Julia knows she doesn’t have a chance. What she doesn’t know is that her desire to avoid Henry’s attention is the very thing that has caught it, but it’ll take some effort on Henry’s part to convince Julia of that.

About the Author:
Paula Kremser focused on a career in science for a few years after graduating from Brigham Young University. Several years later when she moved with her young family to England, Paula seized the opportunity to focus on her love of the Regency Era. The enchantment of the aristocracy and the fascinating stories from every stately home she visits have been both research and inspiration for her first novel, “Sophia.”

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