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Thoughts on Inspirational Persons ~ Born This Way Trailer and Giveaway

Inspirational Persons

What makes a person inspirational?  Is it a selfless act?  An act to champion a cause? Or is it the quiet person behind the scene who sees a need and just gives of themselves?

Any of these can be a source of inspiration, but in my life I'd have to say the people whom I've found to be inspirational are those who gave of themselves to help people whom society would have said were unnecessary.  Giving of their own time to make sure that there were places that these unique individuals could feel at home and safe.

An example of this is D.B. who wanders the streets of town, she needs a walker to get around and she looks forward to her daily visits to the businesses along the town's main street.  She only ever carries a few coins with her as she makes her way.  D.B. is well known for her delight in baked goods, but her few coins aren't enough to purchase them. But an employee who works where D.B. purchases her baked goods covers the price difference - never making mention of D.B.'s lack of funds.

This is a true inspiration - one that most people know nothing about - only those who work with this individual know of this selfless deed.

Those who do because they can and don't seek out acclaim for their deeds are those who I find inspirational.  There are inspiring people all around us some working in secret while others are more visible.  Inspiration can be found where you least expect it but if you look you will find it.


Born This Way is premiering its second season on A and E on Tuesday, July 26. 
And I'd like to offer a quick peek at what this inspirational show has to offer.

About the show:

Learn more about the show here


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