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The Midnight Visitors ~ Review

The Midnight Visitors
By Juliet David 
Illustrated by Jo Parry

It was a ordinary night, cold and dark and quiet...

At least it was quiet until visitors started arriving in Miriam's cowshed.  First a family of rabbits arrived seeking the warmth of the hay and the shed.  They were soon joined by a fox and an owl.

Then a couple of people with a donkey arrived - seeking shelter with the menagerie already within. But these people were weary with travel.  And the woman was expecting a child - and soon from the look of her.

Before too long the family of travelers had a baby and visitors of their own!  Shepherds had heard of this little baby's birth and had to come see him.

What had started out as ordinary, cold night soon became one never to be forgotten by those who visited it that night.  The Midnight Visitors is a sweet story and a delightful recounting of the Nativity for young children.  This is in no way an in-depth story, but rather one that can lead into the full Biblical account.  After reading the story parents could ask young listeners if they know who the strangers who came into the barn were.  Who the baby was?  What was the distant singing that Miriam heard?

The illustrations are delightful - I have a particular fondness for Freddy Fox as he reminds me of one of my doxies.  In fact Freddy's picture on the cover is what made me really want to review this book when Kregel offered me the opportunity.

I was provided a copy of this book through Kregel's blogger program in exchange for my honest review and tour participation.