CSFF Blog Tour December Day 1 ~ The Shock of Night

Welcome to the First Day of CSFF's December Tour!
This month we are examining the newest book from 
Patrick W. Carr ~ The Shock of Night.

But, before delving into The Shock of Night, I want to examine the prequel novella that offers us a glimpse at Willet Dura before he becomes a lord within Collum.

By Divine Right
The Darkwater Saga novella
By Patrick W. Carr

Willet Dura is an assistant reeve in service to King Lairdir of Bunard.  But there is something unusual about Dura he night-walks, but only on nights a murder has been committed.  What causes these night-walks is known - service during the war damaged him in some way.  Many who saw the horrors of war also night-walk, but Dura alone walks the nights when murder in committed.

His walks trouble him as he has no recollection of them - though he awakes fully clothed - he knows not whether he is the murderer or merely a wanderer of the night.

When Dura suspects that the death of a gifted man is instead murder he stumbles upon a plot that threatens the king and the gifted of the kingdom.  But proving his suspicions and warning the king of the potential threat won't be easy.  But Dura is determined to do his duty and even go beyond what his duties require of him.

What follows sets the scene for The Shock of Night and dangers that Dura faces at the beginning.

By Divine Right is available in digital format only but is free if you are interested in getting a deeper understanding of Dura and his place within the kingdom at the beginning of The Shock of Night.  This is a delightful introduction to Patrick Carr's newest series The Darkwater Saga.  The very mention of this is worthy of a shiver!  What lies within this feared forest?  This is what I want to know, but from reading his previous series The Staff and the Sword I'm anticipating tidbits and clues to be scattered throughout with the payoff coming with the last book.  I love anticipating the next book.

Please check back tomorrow for the second day of the CSFF December Tour.  While you wait check-out the other tour participants who will be posting throughout this 3-day tour.

Shane Werlinger   Phyllis Wheeler   Nicole White 

About the Book:
Willet Dura ekes out a living as an assistant reeve in the city of Bunard, the royal city, investigating minor and not-so-minor crimes in the poor quarter. Ever since a terrible battle, Willet's been drawn to the dead, and has an uncanny ability not only to solve their crimes, but even to know when one has been committed. 

When a gifted musician is found dead in the merchants' quarter of the city, everyone assumes by the signs that the old man simply died of a stroke, but Willet's intuition tells him better. When he learns that this is the second death within the last month of one of the gifted, those with a rare inherited ability, he begins to suspect that something more is afoot, and he soon finds himself chasing a mystery that could bring down the very kingdom of Collum.

Available from Amazon to download for free at this time.

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