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Midnight Runner ~ Review

Midnight Runner
   By Marilee Jackson

      Moira and Isobail are running -
               one from her past,
                     the other to her future.

Moira hasn't known love or kindness since her mother's death 12 years ago.  But Moira refuses to put up with the abuse and mistreatment any longer.  She's planning her escape and the new life she will live in Allail. And Moira is determined that nothing will keep her from achieving her dream.  But is the price she'll be asked to pay too much?

Isobail has known only love from her parents.  Her plans for the future are anything but grand.  Someday marriage and home much like she has always known.  But when offered an opportunity to serve as a lady's maid Isobail has a choice to make.  A choice that would take her away from all she knows and all whom she loves.

Midnight Runner spans nearly 30 years as two lives unfold not so differently and yet vastly different. The difference being love.  This book is both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time as love is discovered and lost.  Though the book is complete, I would love to see a sequel that furthers the lives of these characters.

Compelling characters that one can connect with.  A story that will touch your heart. Just a couple of reasons why you should give this debut novel your full attention.

I was provided a copy of this book by Cedar Fort/Sweetwater Books in exchange for my tour participation and my honest review.

About the book:
Mistreated for years, orphaned Moira dreams of building a new life in the royal city. Little does she know that her dreams will cost more than just her own fate. This medieval tale of romance, mistaken identities, and long-sought redemption will change how you feel about villains and heroines, loss and love.
About the author:
Marilee Jackson is an avid reader and has dabbled in writing since the third grade. She stays home and chases her four rug rats around. She lives in a tiny Arizona town (don’t blink you’ll miss it) with her amazing husband and their four children. Midnight Runner is her first novel. Follow her on her blog at

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