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Goddess Tithe ~ Review

Goddess Tithe
by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Munny has gone to sea like his father.  He did this in the hope that his mother would return to the home of her father.  The life of a sailor isn't an easy one as Munny is learning on this - his first voyage.

But when a foreign stowaway is found hidden in the hold, Captain Sunan defies what is deemed acceptable when he doesn't toss this western devil to the sea giving Risafeth her tithe.  The crew is on edge waiting for this sea serpent to come claiming her tithe.  But when Risafeth comes will she claim only the foreign devil or will she claim the Kulap Kanya and her crew?

Readers of the Tales of Goldstone Wood series will soon recognize the foreign devil who has stowed away aboard the Kulap Kanya. On a mission to save both his family and his people Leonard is attempting to reach Lunthea Maly and Ay-Ibunda.  But if the crew of the Kulap Kanya has their way Leonard's mission will end in the ocean deep.

This delightful story takes place during Heartless and Veiled Rose, providing yet another layer to Leonard's story while introducing us to another land within the Goldstone Wood universe.

I was provided a digital copy by the author in exchange for my honest review.

Available for purchase 11.12.13! 

The Vengeful Goddess
Demands Her Tithe

When a stowaway is discovered aboard the merchant ship Kulap Kanya, Munny, a cabin boy 
on his first voyage, knows what must be done. All stowaways are sacrificed to Risafeth, the evil goddess of the sea. Such is her right, and the Kulap Kanya's only hope to return safely home.

Yet, to the horror of his crew, Captain Sunan vows to protect the stowaway, a foreigner in 
clown's garb. A curse falls upon the ship and all who sail with her, for Risafeth will stop at 
nothing to claim her tithe.

Will Munny find the courage to trust his captain and to protect the strange clown who has 
become his friend?