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The Tutor's Daughter ~ Review with Trailer

The Tutor's Daughter
By Julie Klassen

The Tutor's Daughter is another delightful offering from Julie Klassen.

Emma Smallwood is determined to get her father out of his depression and find new pupils for his boarding school.  But a letter written to Weston family instead results in an invitation for Mr. Smallwood to come to Ebbington Manor as a private tutor for the family's two younger sons.

Emma agrees to this scheme with trepidation in part due to her past dealings with the two elder Weston brothers.  Would Henry still be her tormentor and Phillip her friend?  

But when the Smallwoods arrive at Ebbington they are unexpected though they had written of their plans.  With a less than hospitable welcome the Smallwoods settle in.  But something is wrong.  Noises in the night.  Letters left in Emma's room.  Items missing.  Someone or something is threatening her.  To whom can she turn?  Or are these merely youthful pranks and the work of spoiled young men?

As Emma helps her father with Julian and Rowan's lessons, she becomes aware that Ebbington is a place of secrets and she is determined to discover what they are.  But some secrets are never suppose to be revealed and could cost Emma dearly!

To Emma's delight and confusion Lady Weston has a ward, Lizzie is but a few years younger than Emma and may be the friend that she had always hoped for.  But Lizzie is as changeable as the wind and she is guarding a secret of the heart.  

As Emma renews her acquaintance with the two brothers who used to board at her father's school might she too find a secret of the heart as well?  Or will the secret that is hiding within the walls of Ebbington destroy all?

I thoroughly enjoyed The Tutor's Daughter which is definitely written in the vein of Jane Austen with a touch of Gothic novel thrown into the mix.  There is a search for God and a searching for why prayers appear to be unanswered when we don't get what we want.  This book made for an excellent late night reading choice. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher Bethany House for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.