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Sneak ~ Review

The Swipe Series 2
by Evan Angler

What you are about to learn will change your life and either send you into hiding or, if you are willing, one of the few souls brave enough to reveal the truth to the world before it is too late...

Logan Langley is on the run.  Dust is on the run.  Dome is on the move determined to stop them and the Markless throughout the country are paying the price.

Unless you have been oblivious to what has been going on you know what I am speaking of: Logan refused to take the Mark and escaped from the Pledging Center.  Dome has promised a reward to any Markless who turns in this treasonous troublemaker.

Logan needs to be found and stopped before the Unity between the American and European Unions is finalized because he could ruin everything.

Five years ago Logan's sister Lily died during her pledging, but in truth she was taken to Beacon City to Archeron!  Logan and Peck are determined to free Lily from this Markless prison of unimaginable torture.  But first they have to avoid Dome and travel the hundreds of miles between Beacon and Spokie using a vast underground system called The River.

But nothing is ever as it appears as Logan and his friends are about to find out all too soon on their separate paths to Beacon.  Betrayal lurks around the every corner and any minute could be their last.  Can they determine who is friend and who is foe before they are captured?


A thoroughly thrilling read that I could not put down.  Picks-up where SWIPE leaves you and you learn more about this fragile new world order that is precariously struggling to wipe all traces of the old from memory.  

Can reading a banned book called The Bible truly topple world unity?  Or is it humanities last hope?

If you value your life highlight the next few lines with your mouse and follow these steps!
Please delete your browsing history before it is too late!  Whatever you do, don't bookmark this page, add it to your favorites or forward it on to anyone else.  Just reading this review has put you in danger and if you have not yet taken the Mark you are doomed because you will flunk your pledging test because you now know the truth.  "Wisdom makes one wise person more powerful than ten rulers in a city." 

I received a copy of this title from the publisher Thomas Nelson for the purpose of this review, a favorable review was not a requirement.

Sneak Peek inside Sneak

If you want to discover more visit the rest of the stops along The Virtual River.  All stops are Anchors and Lifesavers so it will be safe for you to rest.

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