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SWIPE Blog Tour

by Evan Angler

Life as you know it is about to change.  Maybe not tomorrow or even next year, but change is coming and you won't like it....

The Total War almost ended everything until the Unity.  Shortly after Logan Langley's birth the Mark Program was instituted in the American Union and now just a couple months shy of his thirteenth birthday world unity is looking very likely.  

Logan is nervous about getting his Mark and taking the Pledge  because of his sister Lily who never returned when she went to get hers. But if Logan doesn't take the Mark he won't be able to get a job, vote, or even buy anything.  

But Logan is being watched by someone.  It started shortly after Lily's death and the closer it gets to Logan's birthday the worse it is becoming!  Everyone thinks he is acting out, delusional or paranoid.  No one believes  him until he meets Erin Arbitor the new girl in school and in Spokie.  

When Logan tells Erin about the noises and strange happenings that have been occurring, she knows that this is her chance to get back home to Beacon City.  Logan's experiences sound similar to something she read in her father's classified DOME files - files that just looking at could land her and Logan in big trouble.

But Logan isn't being watched by just anyone, it is a group calling themselves Dust, a term used to insult and deride the Markless.  And Logan isn't the only thirteen year old in Spokie that is in danger.  There have been kidnappings and more are expected so Dome is watching and looking for clues.

But the more Logan learns the more confused he becomes.  Who has his best interests at heart and why won't his parents believe him?  Will Logan join the Marked or will he become another rare complication just like Lily?

Who will you trust?  Your answer will determine your future.

Swipe is an exciting can't-put-it-down book. In an unexpected twist Swipe sets you up for Sneak book 2.

I received a copy of this title from the publisher Thomas Nelson for the purpose of this review, a favorable review was not a requirement.

Tomorrow we will have a guest post by Swipe author Evan Angler - be sure to check it out!
FYI as a note of interest on page 31 one of the characters in Swipe has a Quorn sandwich.
Quorn is one of the best meat substitutes and is very good.  I've tried many brands over the years and
speak from experience when I say it is great!


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