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Heartless - Tales from the Goldstone Woods

Tales of Goldstone Wood
by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Una is princess of Parumvir and she is anxious to be sought by nobility who desire her hand in marriage.  But all too soon Una gets her heart's desire in the form of three very different suitors.  But little does Una realize that her choice will determine not only her future but also the fate of her very soul.
When Prince Aethelbard of Farthestshore declares his love to Una and his desire to marry her she refuses him.  Then Prince
Gervais of Beauclair seeks her hand, as does her father's old childhood acquaintance the Duke of Shippening.  But only to Leonard - Prince Lionheart of the Southlands does she give her heart.  But Leonard is a prince in hiding and only to Una does he reveal his true identity.
Having touched a dragon's scale Una and the kingdom of Parumvir are in danger, but Aethelbard's warnings fall on deaf ears.  When the very dragon they were warned of comes upon them unaware King Fidel and Prince Felix may lose their very lives trying to save Una from her fate.
But love is the only way to save Una, a sacrificial love.  But whom among Una's suitors would be willing to die for her and to give up their heart so that she might be saved?  Or will Una be Heartless for the rest of her life?
Heartless is a lovely allegory of love and sacrifice.  True love is only true if it is given for no personal gain.