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A Hanover Falls Novel
By Deborah Raney
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Eighteen months ago Hanover Falls was forever altered – a fire destroyed the local homeless shelter and took the lives of five firefighters including Susan Marlowe's husband David.

But as Susan rebuilds her life and the shelter, she struggles to come to terms with her loneliness and her now empty nest. But elements in Hanover Falls no longer wants a homeless shelter, as they blame the shelter for their loses.

But just when Susan thinks everything is settling into a comfortable pattern her life takes another detour. A secret from David's past has surfaced and her son Davy is suffering because of it. Can Susan and Davy come to terms with the man David was? Or will Davy allow a secret from the past to destroy him?

When Susan begins calling on him for assistance at the shelter, Hanover Falls fire chief Pete Brennan resents it, after all the shelter was responsible for decimating his crew and taking his friends. But as he works past his issues with the shelter he and Susan grow closer as friends. But when a past resident starts looking for Susan his concern for her makes him realize that perhaps they could have something more. Soon Pete is mentoring Davy, helping him to deal with his loss.

But when a fire is started near Susan's home, rumors are spread that it is because the shelter was re-opened. But was the fire the work of a disgruntled neighbor or is the man looking for Susan to blame?

After All is a look at life and how the choice we make affect not only us and those around us, but also innocent people caught in the waves and ripples our lives make. When our words or actions wound someone we have no idea how they may come back to haunt both us and them. Life is precious and we should live every moment as we what to be remembered, which is possible through the love grace of God.

After All includes a group study guide at the back of the book so that you may more deeply contemplate and understand the message the writer is trying to convey.

I received a review copy of this title from the publisher through the Glass Road Blogger Program for the purpose of this review. A favorable review was not required.  
Deb Raney

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